Methods in Molecular Biology Vol #1 to #892

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Methods in Molecular Biology - Vol. #1 to #892
English | DJVU | Large Books Collection | 5.57 GB
Genre: Molecular Biology

Date: 1984-2012
Editor: Clifton N.J. (Series Ed.)
Editorial: Humana Press
ISSN: 1064-3745 (Print); 1940-6029 (Electronic)
Languague: English
Quality: OCR files without errors
Pages: 300 to 1000, indicated on filename

MMB vol.001 Walker J.M. (ed.) Proteins (Humana Press, 1984)(ISBN 0896030628)(C)(T)(356s).djvu (2.14 MB)
MMB vol.002 Walker J.M. (ed.) Nucleic Acids (Humana Press, 1984)(ISBN 0896031071)(C)(T)(366s).djvu (2.06 MB)
MMB vol.003 Walker J.M. (ed.) New Protein Techniques (Humana Press, 1988)(ISBN 0896031268)(C)(T)(524s).djvu (3.63 MB)
MMB vol.004 Walker J.M. (ed.) New Nucleic Acid Techniques (Humana Press, 1988)(ISBN 0896031276)(C)(T)(554s).djvu (4.90 MB)
MMB vol.005 Walker J.M., Pollard J.W. (eds.) Animal Cell Culture (Humana Press, 1990)(ISBN 0896031500)(C)(T)(704s).djvu (11.46 MB)
MMB vol.006 Pollard J.W. (ed.) Plant Cell and Tissue Culture (Humana Press, 1990)(ISBN 0685382125)(C)(T)(557s).djvu (6.76 MB)
MMB vol.007 Murray E.J. (ed.) Gene Transfer and Expression Protocols (Humana Press, 1991)(ISBN 0896031780)(C)(T)(416s).djvu (4.38 MB)
MMB vol.008 Collins M.K. (ed.) Practical Molecular Virology (Humana Press, 1991)(ISBN 089603299X)(C)(T)(316s).djvu (2.98 MB)
MMB vol.009 Collins M.K. (ed.) Protocols In Human Molecular Genetics (Humana Press, 1991)(ISBN 0896032051)(C)(T)(458s).djvu (4.99 MB)
MMB vol.010 Manson M.M. (ed.) Immunochemical Protocols (Humana Press, 1992)(ISBN 0896032043)(C)(T)(474s).djvu (4.31 MB)
MMB vol.011 Kenney A., Fowell S. (eds.) Practical Protein Chromatography (Humana Press, 1992)(ISBN 0896032132)(C)(T)(324s).djvu (2.85 MB)
MMB vol.012 Burmeister M., Ulanovsky L. (eds.) Pulsed-field Gel Electrophoresis.. protocols, methods and theories (Humana Press, 1991)(ISBN 0896032299)(C)(T)(460s).djvu (4.94 MB)
MMB vol.013 Longstaff A., Revest P. (eds.) Protocols in Molecular Neurobiology (Humana Press, 1992)(ISBN 0896031993)(C)(T)(366s).djvu (3.54 MB)
MMB vol.014 Hounsell E.F. (ed.) Glycoprotein Analysis in Biomedicine (Humana Press, 1993)(ISBN 0896032264)(C)(T)(379s).djvu (3.62 MB)
MMB vol.015 White B.A. (ed.) PCR Protocols.. Current Methods and Applications (Humana Press, 1993)(ISBN 0896032442)(C)(T)(386s).djvu (3.53 MB)
MMB vol.016 Burrell M.M. (ed.) Enzymes of Molecular Biology (Humana Press, 1993)(ISBN 0896032345)(C)(T)(356s).djvu (2.68 MB)
MMB vol.017 Jones C., Mulloy B., Thomas A.H. (eds.) Spectroscopic Methods and Analyses.. NMR, Mass Spectrometry, and Metalloprotein Techniques (Humana Press, 1993)(ISBN 0896032159)(C)(T)(396s).djvu (3.33 MB)
MMB vol.018 Murphy D., Carter D.A. (eds.) Transgenesis Techniques.. Principles and Protocols (Humana Press, 1993)(ISBN 0896032450)(C)(T)(436s).djvu (3.48 MB)
MMB vol.019 Graham J.M., Higgins J.A. (eds.) Biomembrane Protocols.. I. Isolation and Analysis (Humana Press, 1993)(ISBN 0896032361)(C)(T)(354s).djvu (2.85 MB)
MMB vol.020 Agrawal S. (ed.) Protocols for Oligonucleotides and Analogs.. Synthesis and Properties (Humana Press, 1993)(ISBN 0896032477)(C)(T)(496s).djvu (3.92 MB)
MMB vol.021 Hyde J.E. (ed.) Protocols in Molecular Parasitology (Humana Press, 1993)(ISBN 0896032396)(C)(T)(443s).djvu (3.76 MB)
MMB vol.022 Jones C., Mulloy B., Thomas A.H. (eds.) Microscopy, Optical Spectroscopy, and Macroscopic Techniques (Humana Press, 1993)(ISBN 0896032329)(C)(T)(239s).djvu (2.74 MB)
MMB vol.023 Griffin A.M., Griffin H.G. DNA Sequencing Protocols (Humana, 1993)(ISBN 0896032485)(T)(384s).djvu (2.81 MB)
MMB vol.024 Griffin A.M., Griffin H.G. (eds.) Computer Analysis of Sequence Data Part I (Humana Press, 1994)(ISBN 0896032469)(C)(T)(366s).djvu (2.80 MB)
MMB vol.025 Griffin A.M., Griffin H.G. (eds.) Computer Analysis of Sequence Data Part II (Humana Press, 1994)(ISBN 0896032760)(C)(T)(424s).djvu (3.26 MB)
MMB vol.026 Agrawal S. (ed.) Protocols for Oligonucleotide Conjugates.. Synthesis and Analytical Techniques (Humana Press, 1993)(ISBN 0896032523)(C)(T)(372s).djvu (3.12 MB)
MMB vol.027 Graham J.M., Higgins J.A. (eds.) Biomembrane Protocols.. II. Architecture and Function (Humana Press, 1993)(ISBN 0896032507)(C)(T)(352s).djvu (2.56 MB)
MMB vol.028 Isaac P.G. (ed.) Protocols for Nucleic Acid Analysis by Nonradioactive Probes (Humana Press, 1993)(ISBN 089603254X)(C)(T)(260s).djvu (1.96 MB)
MMB vol.029 Gosden J.R. (ed.) Chromosome Analysis Protocols (Humana Press, 1994)(ISBN 0896032892)(C)(T)(492s).djvu (4.95 MB)
MMB vol.030 Kneale G.G. (ed.) DNA-Protein Interactions.. Principles and Protocols (Humana Press, 1994)(ISBN 0896032566)(C)(T)(425s).djvu (2.89 MB)
MMB vol.031 Harwood A.J. (eds.) Protocols for Gene Analysis (Humana Press, 1994)(ISBN 0896032582)(C)(T)(388s).djvu (3.47 MB)
MMB vol.032 Walker J.M. Basic Protein and Peptide Protocols (Humana, 1994)(ISBN 0896032698)(T)(482s).djvu (3.50 MB)
MMB vol.033 Choo K.H.A. (eds.) In Situ Hybridization Protocols (Humana Press, 1994)(ASIN B001D0J5CA)(C)(T)(476s).djvu (4.03 MB)
MMB vol.034 Javois L.C. (ed.) Immunocytochemical Methods and Protocols (Humana Press, 1995)(ASIN B001F7490O)(C)(T)(394s).djvu (3.16 MB)
MMB vol.035 Dunn B.M., Pennington M.W. (eds.) Peptide Synthesis Protocols (Humana Press, 1994)(ISBN 0896032736)(C)(T)(310s).djvu (2.54 MB)
MMB vol.036 Dunn B.M., Pennington M.W. (eds.) Peptide Analysis Protocols (Humana Press, 1994)(ISBN 0896032744)(C)(T)(320s).djvu (2.55 MB)
MMB vol.037 Tymms M.J. (eds.) In Vitro Transcription and Translation (Humana Press, 1994)(ISBN 0896032884)(C)(T)(405s).djvu (3.71 MB)
MMB vol.038 Day J.G., McLellan M.R. (eds.) Cryopreservation and Freeze-Drying Protocols (Humana Press, 1995)(ASIN B0019K5V18)(C)(T)(240s).djvu (1.92 MB)
MMB vol.039 Richardson C.D. (ed.) Baculovirus Expression Protocols (Humana Press, 1995)(ISBN 0896032728)(C)(T)(412s).djvu (4.38 MB)
MMB vol.040 Shirley B.A. (ed.) Protein Stability and Folding.. Theory and Practice (Humana Press, 1995)(ISBN 0896033015)(C)(T)(368s).djvu (2.96 MB)
MMB vol.041 Kendall D.A., Hill S.J. (eds.) Signal Transduction (Humana Press, 1995)(ISBN 0896032981)(C)(T)(301s).djvu (2.45 MB)
MMB vol.042 Crowther J.R (ed.) ELISA.. Theory and Practice (Humana Press, 1995)(ISBN 0896032795)(C)(T)(214s).djvu (2.45 MB)
MMB vol.043 O'Hare Sh., Atterwill K.A. (eds.) In Vitro Toxicity Testing Protocols (Humana Press, 1995)(ISBN 0896032825)(C)(T)(312s).djvu (2.47 MB)
MMB vol.044 Gartland K.M.A., Davey M.R. (eds.) Agrobacterium Protocols (Humana Press, 1995)(ISBN B001DA0B6O)(C)(T)(412s).djvu (3.55 MB)
MMB vol.045 Davis W.C. Monoclonal Antibody Protocols (Humana Press, 1995)(ISBN 0896033082)(T)(260s).djvu (2.08 MB)
MMB vol.046 Howard J., Whitcombe D.M. (eds.) Diagnostic Bacteriology Protocols (Humana Press, 1995)(ISBN 0896032973)(C)(T)(278s).djvu (2.28 MB)
MMB vol.047 Nickoloff J.A. (ed.) Electroporation Protocols for Microorganisms (Humana Press, 1995)(ISBN 0896033104)(C)(T)(369s).djvu (3.22 MB)
MMB vol.048 Nickoloff J.A. (ed.) Animal Cell Electroporation and Electrofusion Protocols (Humana Press, 1995)(ISBN 089603304X)(C)(T)(358s).djvu (3.89 MB)
MMB vol.049 Jones H. (ed.) Plant Gene Transfer and Expression Protocols (Humana Press, 1995)(ISBN 089603321X)(C)(T)(457s).djvu (4.03 MB)
MMB vol.050 Clapp J.P. (ed.) Species Diagnostics Protocols.. Pcr and Other Nucleic Acid Methods (Humana Press, 1995)(ISBN 0896033236)(C)(T)(398s).djvu (3.54 MB)
MMB vol.051 Paul S. (ed.) Antibody Engineering Protocols (Humana Press, 1995)(ISBN 0896032752)(C)(T)(422s).djvu (3.84 MB)
MMB vol.052 Altria K.D. (ed.) Capillary Electrophoresis Guidebook.. Principles, Operation, and Applications (Humana Press, 1995)(ISBN 0896033155)(C)(T)(332s).djvu (3.01 MB)
MMB vol.053 Evans I.H. (ed.) Yeast Protocols.. Methods in Cell and Molecular Biology (Humana Press, 1996)(ISBN 0896033198)(C)(T)(402s).djvu (3.60 MB)
MMB vol.054 Markie D. (ed.) Yac Protocols (Humana Press, 1996)(ISBN 0896033139)(C)(T)(360s).djvu (3.54 MB)
MMB vol.055 Nickoloff J.A. (ed.) Plant Cell Electroporation And Electrofusion Protocols (Humana Press, 1996)(ISBN 0896033287)(C)(T)(191s).djvu (1.85 MB)
MMB vol.056 Jones C., Sanderson M.R., Mulloy B. (eds.) Crystallographic Methods and Protocols(Humana Press, 1996)(ISBN 0896032590)(C)(T)(388s).djvu (3.61 MB)
MMB vol.057 Trower M.K. (ed.) In Vitro Mutagenesis Protocols (Humana Press, 1996)(ISBN 0896033325)(C)(T)(386s).djvu (3.30 MB)
MMB vol.058 Harwood A.J. (ed.) Basic DNA and Rna Protocols (Humana Press, 1996)(ISBN 089603402X)(C)(T)(493s).djvu (4.14 MB)
MMB vol.059 Doonan S. (ed.) Protein Purification Protocols (Humana Press, 1996)(ISBN 0896033368)(C)(T)(386s).djvu (3.47 MB)
MMB vol.060 Reid D.G. (ed.) Protein NMR Techniques (Humana Press, 1997)(ISBN 0896033090)(C)(T)(410s).djvu (4.07 MB)
MMB vol.061 Chapman J.R. (ed.) Protein and Peptide Analysis by Mass Spectrometry (Humana Press, 1996)(ISBN 0896033457)(C)(T)(344s).djvu (3.07 MB)
MMB vol.062 Tuan S.R. (ed.) Recombinant Gene Expression Protocols (Humana Press, 1996)(ISBN 0896033333)(C)(T)(494s).djvu (4.14 MB)
MMB vol.063 Tuan R.S. Recombinant Protein Protocols.. Detection and Isolation (Humana Press, 1997)(ISBN 089603481X)(T)(430s).djvu (4.45 MB)
MMB vol.064 Smith J.B. (ed.) Protein Sequencing Protocols (Humana Press, 1997)(ISBN 0896033538)(C)(T)(368s).djvu (3.03 MB)
MMB vol.065 Rapley R. (ed.) PCR Sequencing Protocols (Humana Press, 1996)(ISBN 0896033449)(C)(T)(218s).djvu (2.13 MB)
MMB vol.066 Morris G.E. (ed.) Epitope Mapping Protocols (Humana Press, 1996)(ISBN 0896033759)(C)(T)(406s).djvu (4.06 MB)
MMB vol.067 White B.A. (ed.) Pcr Cloning Protocols.. From Molecular Cloning to Genetic Engineering (Humana Press, 1997)(ISBN 0896034836)(C)(T)(472s).djvu (4.83 MB)
MMB vol.068 Boultwood J. (ed.) Gene Isolation and Mapping Protocols (Humana Press, 1996)(ISBN 0896034828)(C)(T)(314s).djvu (3.59 MB)
MMB vol.069 Cowell I.G., Austin C.A.(eds.) cDNA Library Protocols (Humana Press, 1997)(ISBN 089603383X)(C)(T)(316s).djvu (3.87 MB)
MMB vol.070 Swindell, S.R. (ed.) Sequence Data Analysis Guidebook (Humana Press, 1996)(ISBN 0896033589)(C)(T)(318s).djvu (3.99 MB)
MMB vol.071 Gosden J.R. (ed.) Prins and in Situ Pcr Protocols (Humana Press, 1997)(ISBN 0896033953)(C)(T)(166s).djvu (1.77 MB)
MMB vol.072 Rayne R.C. (ed.) Neurotransmitter Methods (Humana Press, 1997)(ISBN 0896033945)(C)(T)(266s).djvu (2.53 MB)
MMB vol.073 Irvine G.B., Williams C.H. (eds.) Neuropeptide Protocols (Humana Press, 1996)(ISBN 0896033996)(C)(T)(382s).djvu (3.16 MB)
MMB vol.074 Turner P.C. (ed.) Ribozyme Protocols (Humana Press, 1997)(ISBN 0896033899)(C)(T)(486s).djvu (4.14 MB)
MMB vol.075 Pollard J.W., Walker J.M. Basic Cell Culture (Humana Press, 1997)(ISBN 0896033848)(T)(482s).djvu (5.18 MB)
MMB vol.076 Hounsell E.F. (eds.) Glycoanalysis Protocols (2ed., Humana Press, 1998)(ISBN 0896033554)(C)(T)(256s).djvu (2.20 MB)
MMB vol.077 Martin R. (eds.) Protein Synthesis - Methods and Protocols (Humana Press, 1997)(ISBN 089603397X)(C)(T)(426s).djvu (4.39 MB)
MMB vol.078 Shafer W.M. (eds.) Antibacterial Peptide Protocols (Humana Press, 1997)(ISBN 0896034089)(C)(T)(250s).djvu (2.01 MB)
MMB vol.079 Morgan D.M.L. (eds.) Polyamine Protocols (Humana Press, 1998)(ISBN 0896034488)(C)(T)(171s).djvu (1.39 MB)
MMB vol.080 Pound J.D. (ed.) Immunochemical Protocols (2ed., Humana Press, 1998)(ISBN 0896034933)(C)(T)(483s).djvu (5.41 MB)
MMB vol.081 Foster G.D., Taylor S. (eds.) Plant Virology Protocols.. From Virus Isolation to Transgenic Resistance (Humana Press, 1998)(ISBN 0896033856)(C)(T)(508s).djvu (4.34 MB)
MMB vol.082 Martinez-Zapater J.M., Salinas J. (eds.) Arabidopsis Protocols (Humana Press, 1998)(ISBN 0896033910)(C)(T)(371s).djvu (3.31 MB)
MMB vol.083 Challiss R.A.J. (ed.) Receptor Signal Transduction Protocols (Humana Press, 1998)(ISBN 089603495X)(C)(T)(272s).djvu (2.69 MB)
MMB vol.084 Bar-Sagi D. (ed.) Transmembrane Signaling Protocols (Humana Press, 1998)(ISBN 0896034887)(C)(T)(302s).djvu (2.90 MB)
MMB vol.085 Liang P., Pardee A.B. (eds.) Differential Display Methods and Protocols (Humana Press, 1997)(ASIN B001D76EN6)(C)(T)(294s).djvu (3.08 MB)
MMB vol.086 Rapley R., Manning D.L. (eds.) RNA Isolation and Characterization Protocols (Humana Press, 1998)(ISBN 0896034941)(C)(T)(259s).djvu (2.55 MB)
MMB vol.087 Cabilly S. (ed.) Combinatorial Peptide Library Protocols (Humana Press, 1998)(ISBN 0896033929)(C)(T)(297s).djvu (2.91 MB)
MMB vol.088 Clegg R.A. (ed.) Protein Targeting Protocols (Humana Press, 1998)(ISBN 089603450X)(C)(T)(324s).djvu (3.36 MB)
MMB vol.089 Redfern C. (ed.) Retinoid Protocols (Humana Press, 1998)(ISBN 0896034380)(C)(T)(423s).djvu (4.11 MB)
MMB vol.090 Fox K.R. (ed.) Drug'DNA Interaction Protocols (Humana Press, 1998)(ISBN 089603447X)(C)(T)(275s).djvu (2.78 MB)
MMB vol.091 Jaroszeski M.J., Heller R. (eds.) Flow Cytometry Protocols (Humana Press, 1998)(ISBN 0896035387)(C)(T)(270s).djvu (2.55 MB)
MMB vol.092 Meltzer S.J. (ed.) PCR in Bioanalysis (Humana Press, 1998)(ISBN 0896034976)(C)(T)(274s).djvu (2.81 MB)
MMB vol.093 Ludlow J.W. (ed.) Protein Phosphatase Protocols (Humana Press, 1998)(ISBN 0896034682)(C)(T)(314s).djvu (2.85 MB)
MMB vol.094 Bjornsti M.-A., Osheroff N. (eds.) DNA Topoisomerase Protocols Vol.1 DNA Topology and Enzymes (Humana Press, 1998)(ISBN 0896034445)(C)(T)(317s).djvu (4.47 MB)
MMB vol.095 Osheroff, N. Bjornsti M.-A. (eds.) DNA Topoisomerase Vol.II Enzymology and Drugs (Humana Press, 2001)(ISBN 0896035123)(329s).pdf (2.87 MB)
MMB vol.096 Dejana E., Corada M. (eds.) Adhesion Protein Protocols (Humana Pr, 1999)(ISBN 0896034178)(213s).pdf (770.16 KB)
MMB vol.097 Sharpe P.T., Mason I. (eds.) Molecular Embryology.. Methods and Protocols (Humana Press, 1999)(ISBN 0896033872)(713s).pdf (4.85 MB)
MMB vol.098 Lincoln P.J. (ed.) Forensic DNA Profiling Protocols (Humana Press, 1998)(ISBN 0896034437)(357s).pdf (4.16 MB)
MMB vol.099 Keyse S.M. (ed.) Stress Response.. Methods and Protocols (Humana Press, 2000)(ISBN 0896036111)(323s).pdf (1.59 MB)
MMB vol.099 Keyse S.M. (ed.) Stress Response.. Methods and Protocols (Humana Press, 2000)(ISBN 0896036111)(C)(T)(480s).djvu (5.34 MB)
MMB vol.100 Titheradge M.A. (eds.) Nitric Oxide Protocols (Humana Press, 1997)(ISBN 0896034704)(350s).pdf (1.88 MB)
MMB vol.101 Parish T. (ed.) Mycobacteria Protocols (Humana Press, 1998)(ASIN B001G0MEX4)(C)(T)(457s).djvu (4.71 MB)
MMB vol.102 LaRossa R.A. (ed.) Bioluminescence Methods and Protocols (Humana Press, 1998)(ASIN B001DA9GII)(C)(T)(286s).djvu (2.63 MB)
MMB vol.103 Higgins D.R., Cregg (eds.) Pichia Protocols (Humana Press, 1998)(ASIN B00192SOHY)(C)(T)(277s).djvu (5.93 MB)
MMB vol.104 Miles R.J., Nicholas R.A.J. (eds.) Mycoplasma Protocols (Humana Press, 1998)(ISBN 0896035255)(C)(T)(318s).djvu (3.21 MB)
MMB vol.105 Bird I. (ed.) Phospholipid Signaling Protocols (Humana Press, 1998)(ISBN 0896034917)(C)(T)(372s).djvu (3.14 MB)
MMB vol.106 Keen M. (ed.) Receptor Binding Techniques (Humana Press, 1999)(ISBN 0896035301)(C)(T)(275s).djvu (2.68 MB)
MMB vol.107 Phillips I.R., Shephard E.A. (eds.) Cytochrome P450 Protocols (Humana Press, 1998)(ISBN 0896035190)(C)(T)(469s).djvu (4.09 MB)
MMB vol.108 Armstrong D. (ed.) Free Radical and Antioxidant Protocols (Humana Press, 1999)(ISBN 0896034720 )(C)(T)(423s).djvu (4.07 MB)
MMB vol.109 Doolittle M. (ed.) Lipase and Phospholipase Protocols (Humana Press, 1999)(ISBN 0896035468)(C)(T)(355s).djvu (3.52 MB)
MMB vol.110 Ordovas J.M. (ed.) Lipoprotein Protocols (Humana Press, 1999)(ISBN 0896034208)(C)(T)(280s).djvu (2.62 MB)
MMB vol.111 Hall R.D. (ed.) Plant Cell Culture Protocols (Humana Press, 1999)(ISBN 0896035492)(C)(T)(498s).djvu (3.76 MB)
MMB vol.112 Link A.J. (ed.) 2-D Proteome Analysis Protocols (Humana Press, 1999)(ISBN 0896035247)(C)(T)(584s).djvu (6.51 MB)
MMB vol.113 Henderson D.S. (eds.) DNA Repair Protocols, Eukaryotic Systems (Humana Press, 1999)(ISBN 0896038025)(606s).pdf (4.96 MB)
MMB vol.114 Lambert D.G. (eds.) Calcium Signaling Protocols (Humana Press, 1999)(ISBN 0896035972)(343s).pdf (4.85 MB)
MMB vol.115 Javois L.C. (eds.) Immunocytochemical Methods and Protocols (Humana Press, 1999)(ISBN 0896038130)(447s).pdf (3.00 MB)
MMB vol.116 Gelb M.H. (eds.) Protein Lipidation Protocols (Humana Press, 1999)(ISBN 0896035344)(229s).pdf (1.90 MB)
MMB vol.117 Hajibagheri M.A.N. (eds.) Electro Microscopy Methods and Protocols (Humana Press, 1999)(ISBN 0896036405)(277s).pdf (3.71 MB)
MMB vol.118 Haynes S.R. (ed.) RNA-Protein Interaction Protocols (Humana Press, 1999)(ISBN 0896035689)(463s).pdf (2.14 MB)
MMB vol.119 Becker P.B. (ed.) Chromatin Protocols (Humana Press, 1999)(ISBN 0896036650)(509s).pdf (2.58 MB)
MMB vol.120 Lianos E.A. (ed.) Eicosanoid Protocols (Humana Press, 1999)(ISBN 0896036677)(278s).pdf (2.35 MB)
MMB vol.121 Campbell K.S., Colonna M. (eds.) Natural Killer Cells.. Cellular and Molecular Methods (Humana Press, 2000)(ISBN 0896036839)(368s).pdf (1.72 MB)
MMB vol.122 Paddock S.W. (eds.) Confocal Microscopy Methods and Protocols (Humana Press, 1999)(ISBN 0896035263)(429s).pdf (7.74 MB)
MMB vol.123 Darby I.A. (eds.) In Situ Hybridization (2ed., Humana Press, 2000)(ISBN 0896036863)(334s).pdf (3.71 MB)
MMB vol.124 Reith A.D. (eds.) Protein Kinase Protocols (Humana Press, 2001)(ISBN 0896037002)(351s).pdf (2.18 MB)
MMB vol.125 Corfield A.P. (eds.) Glycoprotein Methods and Protocols (Humana Press, 2000)(ISBN 0896037207)(418s).pdf (4.13 MB)
MMB vol.126 Machida C.A. (eds.) Adrenergic Receptor Protocols (Humana Press, 1999)(ISBN 0896036022)(531s).pdf (3.55 MB)
MMB vol.127 Guille M. (eds.) Molecular Methods In Developmental Biology.. Xenopus and Zebrafish (Humana Press, 1999)(ISBN 0896037908)(213s).pdf (2.43 MB)
MMB vol.128 Li M. (eds.) NMDA Receptor Protocols (Humana Press, 1999)(ISBN 0896037134)(184s).pdf (1.07 MB)
MMB vol.129 Howlett A.R. (eds.) Integrin Protocols (Humana Press, 1999)(ISBN 0896035697)(279s).pdf (1.18 MB)
MMB vol.130 Tymms M.J. (eds.) Transcription Factor Protocols (Humana Press, 2000)(ISBN 0896035735)(285s).pdf (1.56 MB)
MMB vol.131 Chapman S.K., Reid G.A. (eds.) Flavoprotein Protocols (Humana Press, 1999)(ISBN 0896037347)(247s).pdf (1021.10 KB)
MMB vol.132 Misener S., Krawetz S.A. (eds.) Bioinformatics Methods and Protocols (Humana Press, 1999)(ISBN 0896037320)(C)(T)(495s).djvu (7.95 MB)
MMB vol.133 Kmiec E.B. (eds.) Gene Targeting Protocols (Humana Press, 2000)(ISBN 0896033600)(235s).pdf (1.85 MB)
MMB vol.134 Kearse K.P. (eds.) T cell protocols (Humana Press, 2000)(ISBN 0896038106)(330s).pdf (2.81 MB)
MMB vol.135 Tuan R.S., Lo C.W. (eds.) Developmental Biology Protocols Vol.I (Humana Press, 1999)(ISBN 0896038521)(609s).pdf (21.39 MB)
MMB vol.136 Tuan R.S., Lo C.W. (eds.) Developmental Biology Protocols Vol.II (Humana Press, 2000)(ISBN 0896035751)(464s).pdf (2.99 MB)
MMB vol.137 Tuan R.S., Lo C.W. (eds.) Developmental Biology Protocols Vol.III (Humana Press, 2000)(ISBN 0896038548)(481s).pdf (3.08 MB)
MMB vol.138 Proudfoot A.E.I., Wells T.N.C., Power C. (eds.) Chemokine Protocols (Humana Press, 2000)(ISBN 0896037223)(314s).pdf (1.55 MB)
MMB vol.139 Streuli Ch., Grant M. (eds.) Extracellular Matrix Protocols (Humana Press, 2000)(ISBN 0896036243)(341s).pdf (1.88 MB)
MMB vol.140 Schneider C. (eds.) Chaperonin Protocols (Humana Press, 2000)(ISBN 0896037398)(196s).pdf (1.47 MB)
MMB vol.141 Tucker G.A., Roberts J.A. (eds.) Plant hormone protocols (Humana Press, 2000)(ISBN 0896035778)(189s).pdf (708.80 KB)
MMB vol.142 Howe P.H. (eds.) Transforming Growth Factors (Humana Press, 2000)(ISBN 0896036464)(159s).pdf (888.22 KB)
MMB vol.143 Webster D. (eds.) Protein Structure Prediction Methods and Protocols (Humana Press, 2000)(ISBN 0896036375)(410s).pdf (3.54 MB)
MMB vol.144 Elce J.S. (eds.) Calpain Methods and Protocols (Humana Press, 2000)(ISBN 0896036324)(291s).pdf (1.58 MB)
MMB vol.145 Holst O. (eds.) Bacterial Toxin Methods and Protocols (Humana Press, 2000)(ISBN 0896036049)(341s).pdf (1.86 MB)
MMB vol.146 Chapman J.R. (eds.) Mass Spectometry of Proteins and Peptides (Humana Press, 2000)(ISBN 089603609X)(515s).pdf (2.63 MB)
MMB vol.147 Bailon P. (eds.) Affinity Chromatography Methods Protocols (Humana Press, 2000)(ISBN 0896036944)(221s).pdf (1.43 MB)
MMB vol.148 Moss T. (eds.) DNA-Protein Interactions (2ed., Humana Press, 2001)(ISBN 0896036715)(636s) .pdf (3.54 MB)
MMB vol.149 Crowther J.R. (eds.) The ELISA Guidebook (Humana Press, 2000)(ISBN 0896037282)(448s).pdf (6.66 MB)
MMB vol.150 Morgan B.P. (eds.) Complement Methods and Protocols (Humana Press, 2000)(ISBN 0896036545)(253s).pdf (797.34 KB)
MMB vol.151 Clark I.M. (eds.) Matrix Metalloproteinase Protocols (Humana Press, 2001)(ISBN 0896037339)(545s).pdf (2.81 MB)
MMB vol.152 Vaughan P. (eds.) DNA Repair Protocols - Prokaryotic Systems (Humana Press, 2000)(ISBN 089603643X)(189s).pdf (795.17 KB)
MMB vol.153 Balasubramaniam A. (eds.) Neuropeptide protocols (Humana Press, 2000)(ISBN 0896036626)(223s).pdf (1.40 MB)
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MMB vol.473 Parfrey P., Barrett B. (eds.) Clinical Epidemiology Practice and Methods (Humana Press, 2009)(ISBN 1
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