Doom Mega Project Ultimate Final-IPT PC ENG 1993-2014

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Doom Mega Project Ultimate Final-IPT (PC/ENG/1993-2014)

Doom Mega Project Ultimate Final-IPT (PC/ENG/1993-2014)
English | PC | 1993-2014 | 12.424 GB
Genre: FPS

Doom Mega Project Ultimate Final.


Little Reminder

* DOOM MEGA PROJECT wks on any hard drive.
* DO NOT MOVE NO FILE! just run a file launcher to play.
* Some anti-virus does not like the code Auto-It, code-files used by MEGA PROJECT DOOM launcher but does not contain any virus you can check by viewing the source in the SRC folder with notepad + +.

General Infmation

DOOM Mega Project What is?
-The result of six months of hard wk gathering all versions of Doom, Heretic, Hexen, Chex Quest, HacX, Strife + a selection of the best wads f these games (945 different choices available) with the programs to play and files-including launchers proper setting f each game so compatibility 100% and ready to use (Plug N Play) project.

The project includes:

* All basic games without mods add (Iwad)
* All wads top 100 site doomwld
* All wads cacowards winners from 2004 to 2013 (Deathmatch / Multiplayers, Mockaward, Wst Wad Mdeth Award Runners Up
Gameplay Winners Map of the Year, Honable Mentions etc ...)
* All "Official" wads as "Master Levels f Doom" "Lost Episodes of Doom" and "Doom BFG Edition".
* The wads f Heretic, Hexen and strife winners cacowards 2004-2013. (Fewer than Doom)

* A selection of the best wads made by me and categized:
-Mods f Doom 1 & 2.
-The Megawads (replaces all the maps of the game with different levels / new weapons / new hud / graphic, sprites etc ...
-Combo / Weapons mods: Maps of igin but with new weapons / graphic, sprites.
Mods-TC (Total Conversion): Only the "Engine" of Doom has been retained but grafted to another universe f example AlienTC fistull of doom (Western) Batman, Sonic, Wolfenstein 3D etc ...
Brutal Doom-iginal Enhanced Edition all in HD.
-All versions of Doom 3d. (Items, Monsters, Weapons etc ... all in HD)

The wads are available in the iginal version but I also modified several wads to make them compatible with each other and thus be able to Fusiones. F example Brutal Doom and Doom Expanded often merged summers because are MUST. You will often see the term WADXXX "+" WADXXX meaning that several wads summers have merged. You will have versions of Doom "unique" taking advantage of several wads.

Graphic side as you go be served: I concoct my own texture pack / flat by taking the best of several packs offer on fums but certain elements have been added as absent in packs of igin and almost found the net .. I found some decative elements in the cners of some fums on Russian sites ... so a very personalized HD pack.
I modified the brightmap some games added me imptant but realistic light effects with the plugin pack.
Music and sound effects are high quality (huge differences)
Screens titles, fonts and writings interpics (this screen between 2 levels as the card UDoom) are also in High Definition.
Resolution sprites (monsters) has been converted into 8x. (Better quality
Some wads may contain all part of these improvements.
All this will be when this game bears the title "HD".

Finally f each wad I followed to the letter the recommendations of the auth (in English pls) with regard to the setting of the play avoided planted by example disables jumping and crouching, off / on some function of the program avoided glitches the crect version of gzdoom avoided f script errs during boot, so 945 games have been tested and approved without errs and playable 100%.
ps: only 5 6 games display script errs at startup (yellow red line) because the wad is still WIP beta so the auth has not stabilized ( eg "Project MSX" ) but game is playable and launches crectly so do not pay attention.

The "DOOM Exhaustive Collection" folder contains covers of games, all the iginal maps as image files, basic games, addons sold with magazines, icons, editing software to change games etc. .. . a gift f fans

The programs are:

* Doomlegacy_1.44_alpha5 (very little)
* Doomsday_1.13.2 (much to the iginal versions)
* EternityEngine-3.40.46 (very little)
* Gzdoom xxxx (most games)
* Prboom-plus- (some)

Update Notes

A month after the release of the first version of DOOM MEGA PROJECT and respond to your comments rather encourage, I decided to improve MEGA PROJECT DOOM and the passage, make a though check-up.
Here, I offer DOOM MEGA PROJECT Ultimate Final version. Many upgrades and mods were added, a lot of bugs fixed etc.


-New mods:
Brutal Doom V19 HQ SPRITES 3xBRLV4 (see details below)
Brutal Doom Spergld Edition with the label: "FULLY MODDED" (see details below)
Smooth Animations Doom Project 2
Operation Hydra
Beautiful Doom (iginal version)
All Doom Doom & All Monsters 8X 3X-BR Filter
Doom 64 - Absolution TC & Doom64 EX
Grezzo 2
4 Levels that got Lost
Hard Attack, Paradox 2
Quadruple Threat Nimrod
Maps by Purist's Six Year Old Son
+ + & + Deathmatches Gothic Gothic II DeathMatch +
The brutalized Maps
the front-ends of DoomWld Cacowards (1994 to 2013)
GUI Front-Ends:
GUI selection was added files-launchers to simplify the choice of mods. In this way, the number of files-launchers significantly decreased (Merged English) so a me fluid navigation to choose a game
F example take the game "Monster Megawad 1".
This game is available either:
with Smooth Animations Doom Project
with Expanded Final Doom
Brutal Doom with V19 Enhanced Edition
What makes ... 5 different game.
In the first version of DOOM MEGA PROJECT we would have had 5 files-launchers:
-1 Monster Megawad.exe
-1 Monster Megawad + Smooth Animations Doom Project.exe
-1 Monster Megawad + Doom Expanded Final.exe
-1 Monster Megawad + Brutal Doom Enhanced Edition.exe
-1 Monster Megawad + BRUTAL DOOM PA1NKI113R V4.exe

In ULTIMATE FINAL Version was only 1 file launcher:
-1 Monster Megawad (SDAP + + + DEF + BDPK4 RESD). Exe

This file launcher opens a menu to select the version of "Monster Megawad 1" where you want to play.
Regarding the naming games, not have long names, I used abbreviations:
SDAP = Smooth Animations Doom Project
DEF = Final Doom Expanded
RESD = Brutal Doom Enhanced Edition
BDSE = Brutal Doom Spergld Edition

The "HD" will always find at the end of the line, f example: 10 Sects Part 2 (+ DEF + BDHQ + + BDSE BDPK4) HD.exe

When you see "Iwad Select" this means that the file launcher opens a menu to select the version of doom when the mod will be associated to play.
Thanks to this innovation, the number of files-throwers went from 1400 to 583 f the same number of games playable.

I also create multiple front-ends by combining the cacowards years out. This is the same principle as f files-launchers, a menu appears and you simply click a game to launch.


-The mods that have been deleted from the project:
Alando Guns Reloaded
Serious Sam meets Doom


-Change some icons that do not fit the right kind.

-The "Legende.png" file also been made days.

-Fixed some increct name. (Eg HD while the game is in LD)

-Fixed an err on my part concerning brutalised maps that I propose version Plutonia and TNT when they do not exist f these two games.

-Changing the file-launchers f Psychophobia Psychophobia HD HD and 3D games. (Now functional)

-About 10 typos in other files-launchers have been crected.

Game-Master II level f doom would not launch because-as maps was not placed in the right place. (Now functional)

THE NAME "HD" makes sense

Doom Mega Project Ultimate Final-IPT (PC/ENG/1993-2014)

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