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Frischluft - extremely interesting set of plug-ins. They enable you to create stunning in appearance effects! Basically it flashes of light, motion blur, working with lenses, organization of the effect of disposes that occur in a real shooting when shooting objects outside the depth of field.
The developers of Frischluft adhere rather lines on the development of thin tool, rather than on the development of the effect-set of templates that allow you to create the universe "one click".

Frischluft Flair - a very interesting set of eight plugins. They enable you to create stunning in appearance effects, to achieve basic Photoshop tools is almost impossible! Basically it flashes of light, motion blur, working with lenses and something else. Package Flair consists of eight effects traditionally well developed and precision custom. Another strong point of the package effects Flair, is the continuity between versions of the package for Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop.


Amiga Rules
This effect is based on the image to which it's applied, is a regular texture. Received a plane can rotate pseudostreaming space. "Pseudo", because this three-dimensionality is not coordinated with the three-dimensionality of Adobe. But in the "pseudo" version of the three-dimensional effect is obtained convincing enough, as are counted and the light source. As a result, in light of the received plane, can be quite seamlessly embed it in the new composition. That is true for effect in both versions. Of course, the same result can be obtained and standard tools of Adobe. But then it will take at least three-dimensional layer: the layer with the image, the source layer lighting and layer-Luggage... setting up such a system would be more difficult, and old versions of Adobe, then, will not do.

Glass Sphere
In his time in creation of the glass spheres point raised Kai Krause (Kai Krause). His numerous reincarnations of this effect in packages Kai's Power Tools have become the standard. In version for Adobe such a standard can be considered described the effect of a Glass Sphere. More than satisfactory rendering quality, high speed of work are the main advantages of this effect. Realism get spheres is achieved by painstaking settings light of the scope and characteristics of the material of which it consists. About elaboration of the characteristics of the material can be seen by the parameter lens Freely. Not only that parameter may be negative or positive, and thus to form a convex or concave lens. You can also set your own map of refraction. Simply put in the sphere created on one layer may reflect a different layer.

The effect of generating blowout-stars. Very popular with lovers effect. Probably due to the fact that can give a "magic" view almost any video. Quite easy to use interface, without great inventions" allows you to adjust the effect. First you need to determine what channel (brightness-color-saturation) will manage the appearance of stars, further to determine a strip ( in the limits from 0 to 255), in which the selected channel will generate stars. Very convenient is the possibility, when you can view the image zone, at which will appear asterisks-blowout. A pity only, that to manage the areas of generation of exposure cannot be managed at the moment we only see them. In any case you have to enable the generation of stars, and they will hide the geometry of the zone in which the asterisk appears. Another interesting possibility is that control the appearance of stars can not only that layer, on which they appear, but any other chosen. Naturally, properties flare-asterisks can be configured in a fairly wide range.

Radial Blur
One of the modes that, judging by the name, simple effect makes its use is really interesting. The thing is that in addition to traditional radial blur this effect is able to mimic the color of lens aberration. It is clear that for calculation of the real rainbow effect is too fast. The fact that the rainbow blur effect simply simulates a colour gradient. But in General glance it looks quite cool. To choose what to blur by using similar settings to control the area of generation of stars-flare effect Highlight.

Box blur
The Box Blur effect is exactly the same effect Radial Blur. And just as able to mimic the color of lens aberration. The difference between these effects, naturally only in the fact that in the first case comes from a rounded contour and the second from rectangular.

Quite difficult to translate into Russian the name of this effect. Despite his extremely wide popularity and even the existence of the standard version of Adobe. The described effect is configured simpler than its standard version, and therefore is much faster and easier to use. The main difference of the effect of the standard is that the effect of the affected package can operate in four modes: Normal, Angular, retail Box, Aberration. The last three modes is, in fact, the extension of the effects Radial Blur, Box Blur and their variants with respect to the color aberration. Determining areas for action effect organized the same way as in the rest of the effects of the package, through the zone of the selected channel. And yet, for the sake of justice it should be noted that the standard variant of the effect is much more interesting (albeit more complex configurable).

Mosaic Plane
This effect is similar among standard effects Adobe. We are talking about the standard Mosaic effect. But in this case, the effect of the affected package much (if not much more powerful and interesting standard. He's just like the standard conducts pixelization, but able to turn the separate elements of the mosaic, to turn the entire plane of the layer to which effect entirely, and most importantly, the mosaic can manage any selected layer.

In principle, as it is assumed from the name, the developers intended to give a chance for designers use this effect to simulate contre-jour illumination of volumetric light. In fact, it was not very. Anyway with recognized benchmark Trapcode Shine not to compare. But the effect Violumetrics quite interesting for various other tasks, stylisations. It is very close in characteristics to the Final effect Effects Light Burst. But only until Volumetrics is used with the default settings. One has only to depart from the standard settings... for Example the Volumetrics weight unique blend modes (e.g. Exclusion, Saturation, Luminosity, and others). Determining areas for action effect organized the same way as in the rest of the effects of the package, through the zone of the selected channel. The effect has two modes of drawing Accurately and Fluently (honestly not particularly different).


Curves) is a versatile and very accurate color correction tool. Native versions of After Effects lack of control and precision in order to use these opportunities to the full. Fresh Curves fills these gaps, and you can get the most out of this standard tools.


Lenscare plug - in for After Effects, giving effects 'Depth of field' and 'out of focus' during post-processing. If You need high-quality blur effect (blur) with the possibility of further processing in 2D, Lenscare a great choice. To help get rid of essential time on the three-dimensional visualization. When developing these filters key aspect was the maximum approximation to reality.

Depth of field effects, Effect DOF (Depth of field effects, DOF) to some extent manifested in all the cells. It is commonly used in photography and film as an element of style. In computer graphics, this effect is usually achieved using the method of ray tracing, which greatly increases the processing time. Plugin for depth of field generates these changes as quickly as is usual post-processing. For calculations used buffer depth buffer). In addition to speed and quality of work of this plug-in, its important advantage is the ability to test different settings focus, not making re-rendering the entire picture. So You'll see what settings are best suitable to him;

Out of Focus "out of focus"' - quick version that works without depth information. It creates a blur constant radius around the image, and is a good addition to the 'Depth of Field'. Also this plugin adds additional functionality. You can use a specially designed lenses in addition to standard. 'Out of Focus' also allows distortion of background for translucent areas.

The blur that gives Luggage, differs significantly from the effects of standard filters. Among other things, Lenscare will help make the blur more realistic.

The aperture of a lens. Lens aperture is largely determines the appearance of a blur (Bokeh). Therefore, filters offer the ability to change the aperture, to simulate different types of cameras. This is important if You want to insert in this photo elements of computer graphics. Plugin 'Out of Focus' gives the opportunity to completely replace the aperture standard image. The shape of the aperture is maximal on the most bright areas;

The lightest areas. In reality, out of focus dominated areas of high brightness. Unfortunately, the usual graphics formats do not support the brightest areas. Therefore, plug-ins provide the ability to select areas that need to be brighter, and strengthen them;

The distortion of background. Only available in 'Out of Focus'. If you look past the blurred object, because it is distorted background. This effect is subtle, but light distortion add to the realism;

The speed. The effect of 'out of focus' - fast blur 2D can compete with any similar software solution. 'Depth of field' is one of the fastest similar plugins. In many cases You can save hours that You would have spent on rendering, and spend only a couple of seconds for the post-frame processing with these plugins. And, of course, if You have a multiprocessor computer, Lenscare will use this advantage;

The quality. There are many software solutions, creating the effects of the depth of field and defocusing. But most of them correctly reproduce the behavior of the camera, because the algorithms are not justified from the point of view of physics. Their methods are very good show in some situations, but in others not applicable. A common mistake conventional filters 'depth of field' - blur surrounding pixels, regardless of their depth. Usually in areas where in the depths there are strong differences, get ugly glare;

The error. There are General inevitable problems faced by all solutions for post-processing depth of field. It is impossible correctly to blur the reflection or objects located behind transparent objects. It is obvious that it must be so, if the buffer depth of field can support only one value per pixel. But the biggest challenge is lack of information. 'Depth of field' attempts to compensate for the missing information, but, of course, there are situations in which this is not enough. You can give an example: the fence right in front of the camera, and she is so out of focus that the picture it is virtually invisible. Now the plugin you need to fully recreate that there behind a fence. It is technically impossible. In such situations it is recommended to work with layers and apply some blur effects.

Frischluft Lensfeed

Popular task with sufficient decision - control main window song on a TV monitor. Solving it certainly adds convenience and efficiency when working in Adobe After Effects. But there is a similar (or the reverse) task - feed live video directly in Adobe After Effects compositions. Here it is, as far as I know, the decision has only one tool Frischluft Lensfeed, made in the form of plug-in effects (plug-in for Adobe After Effects.

In addition VJ (for this there is a more convenient solution - Arkaos or Resolume), the most real it seems such use Frischluft Lensfeed control scenery and lighting under chromakey. Imagine how convenient it is: you are sitting with a laptop, which in Adobe After Effects opened composition where you want to insert taped the picture, it is something for which is now in the Studio is the light. Traditional decision - thecaptured couple of still frames, or in extreme cases a small video clips and try all this quickly stick it down. Failed again, the adjustment of the light, still a miscalculation, and another...

Radically simplify the solution of this problem can Frischluft Lensfeed. To do this, create another solid layer in the composition that apply to it the effect Frischluft Lensfeed and the resulting layer of live video from any video source connected to your cmputer. As for the connection - select the maximum. Frischluft Lensfeed recognizes the signal received with Firewire, USB devices. In professional terms with Frischluft Lensfeed works fine Decklink HD Pro card.

Management Frischluft Lensfeed very simple, as it is, moreover, and as if software video switcher. That is, you can connect up to five video sources (if you have this hardware capability) and use them independently.

Association of physical input - channel Frischluft Lensfeed configured by clicking on the parameter next cam -> until then, until you see the main window of the composition of the desired video.

Another option Frischluft Lensfeed switch pause togglefees on/off. Click on it and supplied the video in the main window of the composition will no longer be updated, and you'll get a message: Lensfeed:paused. Here it is important to note that Frischluft Lensfeed not control the video source, not putting, say VCR on pause, and simply ceases to update the video in the main window of the composition. It is also important to note that connecting Frischluft Lensfeed, you will receive an automatic update of the video without having to run composition at play or on a preliminary calculation (Preview). The video will be updated itself with a frequency of about 2 frames/sec. These results were obtained when using a laptop P4 2GHz or dual-processor workstation on AMD Opteron. Here it should be noted that Philip Spot (Philipp Spoeth) (host and the only employee Frischluft) when accusations about cheap refresh rate of the video refers to the inability Adobe After Effects to work in real time.

Any little bit of experienced composer not held from a question regarding Frischluft Lensfeed. And how is it with fields ? Yes, tuning chromakey, fields if not we will have to "kill" only slightly "strangle". Philip Spot for that advises to apply Re:VisionFX FieldsKit. Naturally, after the impact of this effect is the sharpness of the picture is slightly reduced, but for pre-setting of previsualization, that is enough. And the feed rate of the video a few drops. Up to 1 frame/sec. But it's bearable, some interactivity in the work still remains.

What more does not say ? Frischluft Lensfeed able to suppress the resolution, say twice. Naturally, the feed rate of the video will grow. It is a pity that such a regime Downsample not possible for all video sources.


ZbornToy able to extract the maximum information from a simple deep images and allows you not only to enlighten them and give them a texture, but also to break the background, issued on caustic curves reflections, and more.

ZbornToy minimizes the number of different settings without losing complete control over every detail of the image. The aim of the program development was to achieve efficiency gains and feel and performance of a full rendering engine. Thus, the program was conceived not only friendly to the user, but also responsive to the flow of information to work with it pleasant and interesting.

System requirements:

Flair: compatibility: After Effects, Premiere, Combustion (no float), Digital Fusion (no float), other untested;
Fresh Curves: compatibility: After Effects, Premiere, other untested;
Lenscare: After Effects, Premiere, Combustion (no float), Digital Fusion (no float), other untested);
Lensfeed: After Effects;
ZbornToy: After Effects, Premiere, Combustion (no float), Digital Fusion (no float), other untested.

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