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Quantum Confidence, marks yet another breakthrough in The Morry Method? (TMM) technology. Launched in the summer and fall of 2009 to limited distrubution, Quantum Confidence is designed to go to the root cause of what is holding you back and causing issues in your life.
Further, this TMM program has incorporated groundbreaking Triliminal and subliminal technology that catapults these recordings so far beyond anything else that is available in any self help or personal growth genre

If you have been working hard to achieve the SUCCESS in life, but there is seemingly always something that eludes you, you just can't seem to make that breakthrough, then?br />
"At last, An amazing NEW breakthrough system based on the latest cutting-edge brain technology that completely removes the ROOT CAUSE of all your life's problems and frustrations automatically with no effort on your part!

...Now you can achieve your fullest potential in your finances, relationships, health and every aspect of your life! 100% guaranteed
Dear friend,

Have you ever wondered why most of the self improvement programs or books on the market and maybe some on your bookshelf never work? ... There are even some that work for a few *special ones*, but never work for you?

Have you ever wondered why you have worked so hard to make your life work, and strived so hard to make more money to pay your bills, to make your relationship more harmonious, and to gain better health, ­but your just couldn't make that breakthrough? Is there seemingly always something that eludes you.

You wonder why, but never find the answer!

Let me make something crystal clear for you right now:

It's NOT your fault!

Here is why?

99.9% of the popular books or programs on self improvement are only dealing with the symptoms of your life problems or frustrations, NOT the true causes.

For example, if you have financial problems, you will be advised to take the expensive wealth building seminars that teach you a bunch of money making strategies. BUT, the fact of the matter is that your financial problems are not caused by your lack of money-making ideas, but by something deeper and more fundamental.

If you have relationship problems, people will advise you to go to relationship experts who can give you tons of tips and strategies to improve your relationship. BUT you will find that the fulfilling loving relationship that you have dreamed of is still out of your reach. That's because your relationship problems are only symptoms, not the fundamental causes.

If you want to FINALLY solve all your money, health, relationship problems and so on, you must?br />
Remove the ROOT CAUSE of all your
life's problems and frustrations!

When that happens, EVERYTHING CHANGES!

Your financial situations start to change, you start attracting money and abundance into your life.

Things that you've always wanted started to show up in your life effortlessly.

You start to feel TRUE joy from your work and love doing what you do.

You start to attract the right supportive relationships.

Perfect health, financial wealth, love and happiness will be yours

You feel peace with yourself and others.

You feel good about yourself in every respect.

You find yourself more energetic, passionate, and enthusiastic.

Then, you're asking?#173;

What is the root cause of all your life problems and frustrations?

You will see it clearly in just a second.

Let me show you some of the common frustrations that people have in their life. Just take a few minutes to consider the following statements, see if they sound familiar to you?#173;

揗y biggest frustration in life is not having enough money to pay all my bills and have some leftover for fun, savings, investing and living the life of my dreams.?br />
揑 still haven't been able to attract economic abundance in my life, I'm still struggling.?br />
揑 have all of these good ideas that I could make money with, but when it comes time to do something with them, I freeze. I have no idea why. It is driving me crazy.?br />
揑 work far too many hours and am not able to enjoy life.?br />
揑 lost my job, unable to pay my bills, etc.?br />
揂pparently I'm stuck in a job that I abhor.?br />
?ven though I tried very hard to lose fat around my waistline, the results are not according to my expectations.?br />
揑 will lose weight but always gain it again.?br />
揑 would like to be in a wonderful, very happy romantic relationship but can't seem to find that.?br />
揟hat I can't seem to attract the type of person I desire...young, sexy and totally into me.?br />
揑'm so scattered and can not focus. I have too many details to attend to and not enough time. I have difficulty with following through projects that are important to me.?br />
揑 am overwhelmed with all the new, interesting information, practices and ideas.?br />
揗y aspirations for accomplishments in life were too big and somehow my lack of confidence in myself got in my way.?br />
揑 tried all I know to make my life better, but it does not seem to be working.?br />If any of the above statements sounds like you, don't worry, you are not alone.

These are what most people have been struggling with. But I can tell you that these are all just illusions that keep you unaware of your fundamental ROOT CAUSE.

But most people don't realize that, so they spend all their time and effort trying to eliminate these symptoms, and they find in the end that more frustrating symptoms come up one after another.

If you've got a headache that is caused by an old disease, you go to the doctor, and he/she gives you some drugs to cure the headache. Do you think the same headache will come up again?

Definitely, because the fundamental cause of the headache remains unchanged...­

The same symptoms will come up again and again

The same principle applies to all the above frustrations you just read. But people are making the same mistake again and again by going to a doctor for the headache instead of the root cause of their headache. ­They have been treating 搒ymptoms?rather then the 揷auses?br />
But before I tell you what that root cause is,

Let's do a detailed analysis of our problems in life.

Imagine the following scenario: Bob is a 52 year old man working on a job that he hates for many years with a minimum salary that barely makes ends meet. He always finds himself not having enough money to pay his monthly bills. He's divorced and has been living alone for the past 10 years, he wanted to have a loving and fulfilling relationship, but can't find one. He eats a lot because he has an emotional eating habit. He's been overweight for many years, he worked hard to lose weight but always gains it back. When he is working, he finds himself suffering from a lack of energy and can't focus on the things he wants to accomplish. Let's imagine what kind of problems the Bob has in his life.

Bob's Problems


Being stuck in a job that he hates


Not having enough money to pay all his monthly bills


Lack of focus and mental discipline


Lack of energy


Loses weight but always gains it back


Emotional eating habit


Does not have a happy fulfilled love relationship

These are just some typical problems that people find in their finance, relationships and health. As I said none of these problems are the real problem, they are simply the symptoms that are caused by something deeper. If you examine these symptoms deeply, you will notice that these they are not independent,

They are ALWAYS connected by some kind of cause-effect relationship

The figure below is a current reality tree (a thinking process developed by business genius Eliyahu M. Goldratt) which is used for graphically representing the current reality of a system, in our case, Bob's life.

The arrows represent the cause and effect relationships. The current reality tree should be read from bottom up, and the lowest entry point is the root cause of all symptoms above

user posted image

This is just an example. If you do the same analysis for your own life, you will inevitably come to the same conclusion that...­

The ROOT CAUSE of all life problems and frustrations is an INEDAQUATE SELF IMAGE (ISI).

ISI is the feeling of inadequacy that you formed by the age of five or six years old. It is one of the first things formed in your life. It has a lasting effect on your failure or success. It plays a more important role than any other single factor.

It's said that average people use less than 10% of their total potential. What do you think is limiting us from achieving our full potential? It is the INEDAQUATE SELF IMAGE that we formed at an early age.

Think about the mess you could make of even the simplest tasks assigned to you today with the self image of a six-year old.

Our ISI is formed in the first few years of our life from the CONDITIONING we received from our parents and others around us. They give us a feeling of inadequacy that lasts for years. And...­

We are conditioned into believing that we are 搉o good?at certain kinds of activities.

As long as we keep that ISI, we will NEVER reach our full potential, and NEVER create the life-long success that we have always wanted.

HOWEVER, the good news is that your ISI can be changed.

And when you change your inadequate self image to an adequate one, you change everything!

Let's again take the example of Bob's life.

What do you think his life will look like if he successfully changed his inadequate self image?

He will look like a completely new person!

The figure below is a FUTURE-REALITY-TREE, representing the future reality of Bob's life after he has changed his self image.

Read the future reality tree of Bob from bottom up, and see if the cause and effect relationships are sound to you. Most importantly, see what kind of life that Bob is living now.

He's now making enough money to pay all his monthly bills, and live the lifestyle that he dreamed of. He's lost his weight and never gained it back. He's now in a happy, fulfilling and loving relationship.

All these wonderful things come because he changed his inadequate self image.

user posted image

Future Reality Tree of Bob's Life

Now you have seen how Bob's life completely changed after changing his inadequate self image. Imagine what your own life will look like after changing the inadequate self image to an adequate one.

You can have the financial freedom and security to do whatever you want, when you want for yourself and your loved ones.

You can have a loving circle of friends you trust and a fulfilling relationship based on love, trust, respect and dignity.

You can find peace and stability in an ever changing world environment.

You will be able to pay off all your debts, earn enough money to pay your bills and other expenses, have the lifestyle you enjoy, live in a nice home, travel anyplace you want not having to worry about money, help those less fortunate than yourself.

You can have your own profitable and successful business, be your own boss, work when and where you want.

You can make more money than you ever dreamed, be able to buy and do what you desire, and be free of money worries.

You will be able to get to the inner place where you love yourself deeply, completely, unconditionally, and always nurture yourself no matter what.

You will peel away the layers of self-hate, doubt, fear, shame, anger, and low self-worth that block you from truly tapping into, and staying tapped in to your true, real, core, wonderful amazing unique self.

You will be able to free of stresses, look and feel healthy and vigorous, and have more energy and strength.

You will have more time to spend with your loved ones, and more holidays, complete freedom.

You can live each day to the fullest capacity, see the beauty in all things.

You will attract to you the people and events necessary to make you succeed, and surround yourself with successful people and people who acknowledge you and respect you for your achievements.

That's just the tip of the iceberg. Once you change the inadequate self image to an adequate one, the possibilities are endless. In fact...

You're on your way to having everything in the world you want!

Now that you're convinced that the root cause of your problems in life is your inadequate self image. Then the question you should ask is...

How Can I Change My Self Image From Inadequate To Adequate?

Well, I can tell you from own experiences that it is NOT easy using traditional methods of affirmations, meditations, visualizations etc, etc.

Because it takes tremendous self-discipline! Most people lose faith and fall right back where they started at before they see any results.

The good news is that the latest developments in brain and sound technologies have provided a faster and easier way for us, a way that takes almost no self discipline.

Yes, you hear me right. The new way takes almost no conscious efforts, it's the fastest and easiest way to create changes in your life. It's a way to literally rewire your brain from the first time you use it, and all of this happens automatically.

Let me introduce to you the fastest and easiest way to make positive and permanent changes in your life automatically...­

揟he Morry Method?TM Brainwave Entrainment Technology

Before I tell you about this breakthrough technology, let me introduce you the developer of this technology Morry Zelcovitch, the only credentialed brainwave entrainment engineer on the planet.

Morry is internationally known because of his unique credentials: he's been personally mentored for years by David Siever, the world top researcher in the field of Brainwave Entrainment. He diligently studied under this master practitioner of brainwave entrainment, all because he was so frustrated with his own life he needed a change fast.

Here is Morry's Story...­

揂s a child I had many problems ranging from thousands of voices in my head to severe depression. I also had a very big mouth, was always getting into trouble and almost unbelievably accident prone (I have dislocated/separated my shoulders alone over 150 times, I won't even get into the myriad of broken bones, shredded tendons and ligaments, concussions, etc.)

As a matter of fact I remember thinking up the phrase 搇ife is but a disease, for which there is no cure but death? I often thought about how great it would be, to be...­ not here anymore, not anywhere anymore.

Something inside me made me start looking into this field when I began to notice that sometimes time seemed to move faster and more pleasantly than other times. I eventually made the connection that when time seemed to move quicker, the sounds I was hearing were more, rhythmic in nature and when time seemed to painfully stand still, the surrounding sounds were far more disjointed in nature.

All of this started me on a 15-year odyssey of research into the field of 揵rain wave entrainment? After many years of using other people's products with some limited success, I was determined to figure out why these recordings seemed to work but only in a minor way, with little effect, when all of the research I read suggested the effects should be more dominant than what I was experiencing.

I decided that my best route to understanding might be by learning at the feet of an expert in the field. So I ended up contacting the world's foremost expert in the field of brainwave entrainment and learned invaluable information that could not be gotten anywhere else.

I was trained and now I am one of the few in the world who actually can claim to be a 揅ertified Brainwave Entrainment Engineer? and I have the education to back it up!

Now I want to help others to be all they can be naturally.?br />
-- Morry Zelcovitch

Now that you have heard Morry's story, then what is 揟he Morry Method?

"The Morry Method", personally engineered by Morry Zelcovitch, is a unique and advanced brainwave entrainment technology that uses a proprietary protocol developed for presenting various stimuli to the brain and mind. The end result of this method is much "softer" on the brain/body system and offers a more natural incorporation of the "brain beats".

What it does is to guide you into and maintain certain natural brain frequencies, create new neural pathways and change patterns of perception and information transfer in the brain, thereby creating new ways of experiencing yourself and your world...

All you have to do is to sit back or lie down, and listen to the specially designed brainwave entrainment sound tracks. All changes will happen automatically!

揟he Morry Method?is light years ahead than any other brainwave entrainment technology out there. You may of heard of terms like Binaural Beats, Isochronic Tones and Monaural Tones etc., that are used in brainwave entrainment programs. You may also know that Isochronic Tones and Monaural Tones are much more powerful and more effective than Binaural beats.

But you may not know that Morry is the one who first used Isochronic Tones and Monaural Tones in actual brainwave entrainment products, and he is the one who popularized these terminologies.

Since the first 揟he Morry Method?product was made available on the market. Many companies or individuals started using Isochronic Tones and Monaural Tones in their own brainwave entrainment recordings.

And they think that is the only reason that makes 揟he Morry Method?stands out from all its competitors.

That cannot be further from the truth!

揟he Morry Method?is Light Years Ahead of ANY Other Brainwave Entrainment Technology

That may sound like a big claim, but it is not. Then what makes 揟he Morry Method?so advanced, and so much more powerful than others. It is because of a few reasons:

First, 揟he Morry Method?is based on latest up to date and REAL science. Morry has been studying under and working with the world foremost researchers and scientists in this area for more than 20 years. He knows the ins and outs of this science, and the insider information that is not even published in the literature. He knows exactly what works and what does not.

Most of the products in this market are based on outdated research, their effectiveness CANNOT compare with 揟he Morry Method?

What that means to you as a 揟he Morry Method?user is...

揟he Morry Method?allow for the release of very specific combinations of neurotransmitters, endorphins and hormones which create very specific results and benefits...­ only with real science are these possible.

揟he Morry Method?creates long lasting results.

You will have the privilege of experiencing the latest cutting edge brain technology before any of your peers do...That means you look cool, doesn't it? J

You'll be on the ground floor and take advantage of the latest scientific research results to change your life and get ahead of everyone else.

Second, 揟he Morry Method?uses unique and more powerful Isochronic and monaural tones. These special brainwave entrainment tones are based on latest scientific research, and have UNIQUE features. They have more uniform wave shapes (the more uniform the shape of the sound wave, the more effective the stimulation) that enables

1. Deeper entrainment

2. Smoother transition between states of mind... alpha. theta, etc....

3. More accurate reproduction of brain states and thus their associated production of needed hormones/neurotransmitters/endorphins...

That means enormous benefits to you as an end user.

Deeper entrainment will enable you to get into the REAL desired state and reproduce more neurochemicals in your brain. It is actually the chemicals that make you change and feel the results.

Here is a list of the main neuro chemicals that 揟he Morry Method?has been shown to positively affect...

Acetylcholine - has been related to learning, memory, sleep. Research has shown that Alzheimer patients tend to show a 90% reduction in acetylcholine.

Norepinephrine - has been related to attention, focus and is very important to memory formation.

Serotonin - has been related to a wide variety of issues including depression, suicide, aggression, alcoholism, sexual deviance, rage, compulsion, fearfulness and lack of self confidence. It regulates things like mood, sleep, and total food intake and pain sensitivity. Interestingly, women tend to produce less Serotonin, perhaps resulting in an increased susceptibility to depression and obesity.

Dopamine - is naturally increased by things like drugs, alcohol, nicotine and cocaine.

Endorphins - Aside from the pleasant feelings we get from endorphins they have also been shown to affect things like memory, learning and reaction time.

Here is a list of the main hormones that can be positively affected by 揟he Morry Method?..

Cortisol - responsible for weight gain and immune system inhibition.

DHEA - acts as a buffer against stress. We naturally produce less as we age.

Melatonin - important for healthful sleep. We naturally produce less as we age.

揟he Morry Method?brainwave entrainment tones enable a smoother transition between mind states. The matter of fact is., the easier the transition, the easier it is to entrain into the mind state, the easier it is to entrain, the more effective the entrainment will be. It also makes the experience more pleasant which has 2 benefits...

1. If entrainment is pleasurable then it is more likely to be a deep and effective experience.

2. It will make it more likely that you will continue to use it and thus make it even more effective both in the short and more importantly, long term.

Comfort plays a large role in how effective brainwave entrainment can be... 揟he Morry Method?systems are designed with this in mind.

揟he Morry Method?brainwave entrainment tones enable more accurate reproduction of brain states.

You need at least 6 full minutes at any desired frequency to allow the brain to entrain to it (This is called the frequency following response). Any unwanted sounds that occur during presentation of the main tone actually get in the way of the entrainment process.

Accuracy of the wave form makes all the difference as when the form or shape of the waveform is not the same as the wave that preceded it, then the brain will think that it is different, if it thinks its different then the quality of the entrainment and thus the results will be adversely affected.

Most of the entrainment products out there can sound pretty much the same to your "conscious ear", don't be fooled though... your brain, actually your neurons can easily tell the difference and this is why you get such poor results from other products... the real test here is long lasting effects.... the real test here is the ability to use the system in a year and still get results like you did earlier on.... YOUR BRAIN KNOWS....

The third reason that makes 揟he Morry Method?light years ahead is that it offers different versions of brainwave entrainment tones. That means, for one recording, you will get different versions which have different stimulation patterns and tones.

Simply put, it gives you the chance to choose what you need based on the mood you are actually in at the time you are listening.

If you like a tone series it will naturally work better for you... everybody else has a one size fits all philosophy... this is not a good or effective way to be.

This gives you variety when using the recordings, this allows for less chance of getting bored with a recording and allows for the likelihood that people will actually use it regularly... which is of course necessary for it to have maximum effects.

You can choose your favorite tone and stimulation pattern, and attain the best effectiveness.

The different tonal values allows for subtle differences in brain stimulation, making the mind more elastic if you will and the development more effective.

Choice allows for you to be more comfortable, initially... which helps to increase your confidence in the technology and furthers the deepening of the effects...

Last but not least, the fourth reason that makes 揟he Morry Method?ahead of any other brainwave technology is the dual brainwave nature of 揟he Morry Method?recordings.

Let me put it in simple terms.

In regular BWE you are presented with a series of tones that are intended to entrain your brains cells (neurons) into a natural but infrequent state, depending upon the frequency chosen.

What is not so well known though is that the brain not only needs to work in unison for efficiency and effectiveness (also known as Whole Brain Thinking), but it also needs to be able to operate in different states at the same time!

You may not know this, but we all actually have 2 brains. The right and left hemisphere are not actually joined together except at the top of the spine, by "teaching" the hemispheres' to work independently in such a manner, we actually increase its abilities by many times over the more traditional whole brain scenario...

Many activities require this in order for peak efficiency and benefit to occur... 揟he Morry Method?dual brainwave entrainment recording will quiet the voices of stagnation that stop creativity and confidence and then prepare your mind and brain for the ultimate turn around... one which allows for supreme self esteem to be born.

The above are some of the reasons that make 揟he Morry Method?the most advanced and effective brainwave entrainment technology. But don't take my word on it, listen to what our customers have to say about 揟he Morry Method?

Side note: The Quantum Mind Power or QMP mentioned in the testimonials is an older version using 揟he Morry Method?system..

揊or The First Time... My Ability To Concentrate and Focus on Things Had An Amazing Jump Out of Nowhere?br />
I have been listening to QMP now for over two months, for almost a month and half I was trying different time rate of listening, I was experimenting with the recordings so that I could experience something new.

I was not sure I was really benefiting from the listening, yes it was much deeper than any brain entrainment program I have tested, I wasn't sure if I would get any results....

...Just this week for the first time my ability to concentrate and focus on things had an amazing jump out of nowhere. With this experience I had a pleasurable 'feeling' which I have never experienced before, I can honestly say the 'jump' was more than 300 percent. Now this ability was not a one off, I have managed to experience this at random.

My creative ability has had a major leap, I am working towards an album for the end of 2007, there is an avalanche of ideas just keep coming, and these ideas are nicely fitting in my plan.

Also my painting has taken another creative boost, I have almost completed a very large canvas which I couldn't finish 8 months ago, within few days I was inspired to give it a magical touch, the magic touch turned out to be a series of magical brush strokes which have helped me to continue painting.

Asgar Khan 朥K

"I Instantly Feel a Positive Energy In My Body "

WOW! I am very excited and I don't have words to express my feelings. "Quantum Mind Power" is exactly what I have been looking for.

I was a little bit depressed because I achieved only 60% of my June month goal till 28th. Even I couldn't concentrate on my work because of it. I used "Eden Energy Wave Dynamics Isochronic 6" for two days (29th and 30th) and I instantly feel a positive energy in my body. In just 2 days I become more energetic, joyful and you'll surprise to know "I achieve my goal for June month too". Truly Amazing.

Raamakant S. | |

"I Was Out Like a Light Bulb"

I have had sleep problems since I was 17, and I have never been able to fall asleep immediately, and if and only if I do sleep, I still never get the rest I wanted.

After listening to your program for the second time, I was out like a light bulb, as if almost by command.

Also as a side note, I let my youngest son listen to your program, during his examinations and low and behold, he got his first A, EVER. He was always the grade average of C+!

Just incase you wondering he is in grade 12 so you can imagine the effect this program has had on him.

Regards and go well,
Kaashif Karriem

"These recordings are invaluable for doing my dreamwork and assist in achieving lucidity"

I have been using the product for a few months now, not even as suggested (mainly NS and EEW). I find that these recordings are invaluable for doing my dreamwork and assist in achieving lucidity. Furthermore, the content of my dreams seems to be much more focused on my evolution when I listen to these tracks, especially before sleep. Also, any affirmations made before the use of them along with affirmations after listening are much more powerful. They seem to have much more emotional energy.

Basically, I feel on top of things mentally, emotionally and spiritually with the use of these sonic tools.

Thanks Morry!!!!
Daniel Silvan , Toronto

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