Cisco Live 2014 Melbourne

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Cisco Live 2014 Melbourne
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BRKAPP-9000 - Introduction to Application Centric Infrastructure (2014 Melbourne)
BRKAPP-9001 - Policy Driven Data Centre Design (2014 Melbourne)
BRKAPP-9005 - Integration of Multi-Hypervisors with the Application Centric Infrastructure (2014 Melbourne)
BRKARC-2011 - Overview of Troubleshooting Tools in Cisco Switches and Routers (2014 Melbourne)
BRKARC-2350 - Routing Operations and Features in Cisco IOS Routers (2014 Melbourne)
BRKARC-2665 - Converged Access Architecture, Design and Deployment (2014 Melbourne)
BRKARC-2667 - The Evolution of your Enterprise Networking Strategy and Architecture (2014 Melbourne)
BRKARC-3465 - Cisco Catalyst 6500 Instant Access Solution - Design and Migration Case Studies (2014 Melbourne)
BRKARC-3470 - Cisco Nexus 7000 Switch Architecture (2014 Melbourne)
BRKCCT-2661 - Cisco Multichannel Contact Centre and Remote Expert Solutions (2014 Melbourne)
BRKCCT-2662 - Design & Deployment of UCCE (2014 Melbourne)

Cisco Live 2014 Melbourne

BRKCOL-2020 - Cisco Unified Communications and Microsoft Integrations (2014 Melbourne)
BRKCOL-2025 - Deploying Cisco WebEx in Enterprise Networks (On-Premises or Cloud) (2014 Melbourne)
BRKCOL-2315 - Understanding Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (2014 Melbourne)
BRKCOM-1001 - UCS Fabric Fundamentals (2014 Melbourne)
BRKCOM-1005 - UCS Architecture Overview (2014 Melbourne)
BRKCOM-1601 - Introduction to Solid State Storage Systems (2014 Melbourne)
BRKCOM-2001 - UCS Management Deep Dive (2014 Melbourne)
BRKCOM-2003 - UCS Networking - Deep Dive (2014 Melbourne)
BRKCOM-2014 - Multi-UCS Management with UCS Central (2014 Melbourne)
BRKCOM-2640 - UCS C-Series Deployment Options, Best Practice and UCSM Integration (2014 Melbourne)
BRKCOM-3002 - UCS Performance Troubleshooting (2014 Melbourne)
BRKCRS-2000 - Next Generation Branch Networks: Services, Design and Implementation (2014 Melbourne)
BRKCRS-2033 - Deploying a Virtualised Campus Network Infrastructure (2014 Melbourne)
BRKCRS-2661 - Designing Layer 2 Networks - Avoiding Loops, Drops, Flooding (2014 Melbourne)
BRKCRS-2663 - Hot Topics and Capabilities for the Campus in 2014 and Beyond (2014 Melbourne)
BRKCRS-3090 - Implementing Network Automations - Power Tools for Catalyst Switching Network Operations (2014 Melbourne)
BRKCRS-3510 - LISP in Campus Networks (2014 Melbourne)
BRKCRT-2000 - Accelerating your Career with Cisco Certifications (2014 Melbourne)
BRKCRT-2001 - Evolution of the Network Engineer Job Role (2014 Melbourne)
BRKCRT-8001 - CCDE: The Cisco Certified Design Expert (Session 1) (2014 Melbourne)
BRKCRT-8002 - CCDE: The Cisco Certified Design Expert (Session 2) (2014 Melbourne)
BRKCRT-8003 - CCIE Data Centre (2014 Melbourne)
BRKCRT-8004 - CCIE Routing & Switching 5.0 Update (2014 Melbourne)
BRKDCT-1367 - Introduction to Openstack on Cisco (2014 Melbourne)
BRKDCT-2048 - Deploying Virtual Port Channel in NXOS (2014 Melbourne)
BRKDCT-2049 - Overlay Transport Virtualisation (2014 Melbourne)
BRKDCT-2218 - Scalable Midsize Data Centre Designs (2014 Melbourne)
BRKDCT-2328 - Evolution and Challenges of Data Centre Network and Host-Based Overlays (2014 Melbourne)
BRKDCT-2334 - Real World Data Centre Deployments and Best Practice Session (2014 Melbourne)
BRKDCT-2370 - UCS Director for Integrated Compute and Network Fabric Deployment and Management (2014 Melbourne)
BRKDCT-2385 - Cisco Dynamic Fabric Automation Architecture (2014 Melbourne)
BRKDCT-2615 - How to Achieve True Active-Active Data Centre Infrastructures (2014 Melbourne)
BRKDCT-2641 - Designing Storage Infrastructure in a Multi-protocol Data Centre (2014 Melbourne)
BRKDCT-2642 - Migration from Classic Design to ACI Fabric (2014 Melbourne)
BRKDCT-2643 - VxLAN Deployment - Use Cases and Best Practices (2014 Melbourne)
BRKDCT-3060 - Deployment Challenges with Interconnecting Data Centres (2014 Melbourne)
BRKDCT-3640 - Nexus 9000 Architecture (2014 Melbourne)
BRKEVT-2615 - Implementing Enterprise TelePresence and Video Communication Solutions (2014 Melbourne)
BRKEVT-2664 - Implementing Video Scheduling and WebEx Enabled TelePresence (2014 Melbourne)
BRKEVT-2809 - Understanding Cisco TelePresence Conductor and Virtual TP Resources (2014 Melbourne)
BRKEVT-3661 - Troubleshooting the TelePresence Experience (2014 Melbourne)
BRKEWN-2000 - Design and Deployment of Wireless LANs for Mobile Applications (2014 Melbourne)
BRKEWN-2010 - Design and Deployment of Enterprise WLANs (2014 Melbourne)
BRKEWN-2011 - Managing an Enterprise WLAN with Cisco Prime Infrastructure (2014 Melbourne)
BRKEWN-2012 - Deploying MSE - Connected Mobile Experiences, Adaptive WiPS (2014 Melbourne)
BRKEWN-2013 - Meraki_s Cloud-Managed Networking Solution (2014 Melbourne)
BRKEWN-2016 - Branch Office Wireless LAN Design (2014 Melbourne)
BRKEWN-2017 - Understanding RF Fundamentals and the Radio Design of Wireless Networks (2014 Melbourne)
BRKEWN-2019 - RF Design for the Mobile Device Explosion (2014 Melbourne)
BRKEWN-2020 - Managing the BYOD Evolution (2014 Melbourne)
BRKEWN-2022 - Converged Access Mobility Design & Architecture (2014 Melbourne)
BRKEWN-2027 - Design and Deployment of Outdoor Mesh Wireless Networks (2014 Melbourne)
BRKEWN-2664 - Secure Wireless LAN Design and Deployment (2014 Melbourne)
BRKEWN-3011 - Troubleshooting Wireless LANs (2014 Melbourne)
BRKEWN-3014 - Best Practices to Deploy High-Availability in Wireless LAN Architectures (2014 Melbourne)
BRKEWN-3021 - Troubleshooting Converged Access Wireless Deployments (2014 Melbourne)
BRKMPL-1101 - Understanding MPLS (2014 Melbourne)
BRKMPL-1261 - IP Multicast - Concepts, Design and Troubleshooting (2014 Melbourne)
BRKNMS-2661 - Configuration Management and Zero Touch Deployment with Prime Infrastructure (2014 Melbourne)
BRKOPT-2116 - High Speed Data Networks - 40G, 100G & Beyond (2014 Melbourne)
BRKRST-1069 - Understanding IPv6 (2014 Melbourne)
BRKRST-2030 - Application Visibility and Control in Enterprise WAN (2014 Melbourne)
BRKRST-2041 - WAN Architectures and Design Principles (2014 Melbourne)
BRKRST-2042 - Highly Available Wide Area Network Design (2014 Melbourne)
BRKRST-2045 - Network Virtualisation Design Concepts over the WAN (2014 Melbourne)
BRKRST-2051 - Software Defined Networks (2014 Melbourne)
BRKRST-2117 - The Hitchhiker_s Guide to onePK (2014 Melbourne)
BRKRST-2311 - IPv6 Planning, Deployment and Operation Considerations (2014 Melbourne)
BRKRST-2501 - Enterprise QoS - The Most Widely Deployed Feature to any Enterprise Organisation (2014 Melbourne)
BRKRST-2619 - Troubleshooting Routing Protocols - BGP:OSPF:EIGRP (2014 Melbourne)
BRKRST-2640 - Inside Cisco IT: Deploying Enterprise Network Technologies (2014 Melbourne)
BRKRST-2641 - Enterprise SDN - APIC Enterprise Module (2014 Melbourne)
BRKRST-2642 - Intelligent WAN - Internet as the Enterprise WAN Carriage (2014 Melbourne)
BRKRST-2643 - IOS Service Discovery Gateway: Simplify Mobile Device Deployments in Enterprise Networks (2014 Melbourne)
BRKRST-2644 - OpenStack in the Enterprise (2014 Melbourne)
BRKRST-2646 - Cisco Modelling Labs - Lessons from a Virtual World (2014 Melbourne)
BRKRST-2661 - Industrial Networking Concepts, Design, Resilience and Security (2014 Melbourne)
BRKRST-3045 - LISP - A Next Generation Networking Architecture (2014 Melbourne)
BRKRST-3363 - Routed Fast Convergence and High Availability (2014 Melbourne)
BRKRST-3370 - Advances in Routing (2014 Melbourne)
BRKRST-3371 - Advances in BGP (2014 Melbourne)
BRKRST-3640 - Cisco Enterprise Silicon - Delivering Innovation with UADP and QFP (2014 Melbourne)
BRKSEC-2003 - IPv6 Security (2014 Melbourne)
BRKSEC-2010 - Emerging Threats - The State of Cyber Security (2014 Melbourne)
BRKSEC-2021 - Firewall Architectures (2014 Melbourne)
BRKSEC-2024 - Design and Deployment of SourceFire NGIPS and NGFWL (2014 Melbourne)
BRKSEC-2044 - Building an Enterprise Access Control Architecture with ISE (2014 Melbourne)
BRKSEC-2060 - Cisco Security Management (2014 Melbourne)
BRKSEC-2073 - Advanced Threat Defence using NetFlow (2014 Melbourne)
BRKSEC-2205 - Security and Virtualisation in the Data Centre (2014 Melbourne)
BRKSEC-2663 - Before. During. After. Cisco_s Integrated Security Strategy (2014 Melbourne)
BRKSEC-2664 - Cisco Sourcefire Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) (2014 Melbourne)
BRKSEC-2690 - Deploying Security Group Tags (2014 Melbourne)
BRKSEC-2691 - Identity Based Networking: IEEE 802.1X and Beyond (2014 Melbourne)
BRKSEC-2695 - Embrace Cloud Web Security with your Cisco Network (2014 Melbourne)
BRKSEC-2760 - SDN Security (2014 Melbourne)
BRKSEC-2900 - Cloud Managed Security with Meraki MX (2014 Melbourne)
BRKSEC-3013 - Advanced IPSec with FlexVPN (2014 Melbourne)
BRKSEC-3020 - Troubleshooting ASA Firewalls (2014 Melbourne)
BRKSEC-3045 - Advanced ISE and Secure Access Deployment (2014 Melbourne)
BRKSEC-3660 - Cisco Advanced ASA Firewalls Inside-Out (2014 Melbourne)
BRKSEC-3690 - Advanced Security Group Tags: The Detailed Walk Through (2014 Melbourne)
BRKSEC-3770 - Advanced Email Security with ESA (2014 Melbourne)
BRKSEC-3771 - Advanced Web Security Deployment with WSA and ASA-CX (2014 Melbourne)
BRKSPG-1640 - The Internet of Things: Routing and Related Protocols (2014 Melbourne)
BRKSPG-2640 - Evolution of Core Routing Hardware and Software (2014 Melbourne)
BRKSPG-2641 - BGP Optimising the Foundational SDN Technology (2014 Melbourne)
BRKSPG-2904 - ASR-9000:IOS-XR Hardware Architecture, QOS, EVC, IOS-XR Configuration and Troubleshooting (2014 Melbourne)
BRKSPG-3300 - Service Provider IPv6 Deployment (2014 Melbourne)
BRKSPG-3864 - Cloud Enablement Architecture and NFV Services Delivery (2014 Melbourne)
BRKSPM-2001 - Deploying Service Provider Wifi (2014 Melbourne)
BRKSPS-2640 - Cloud and DC Architecture Evolution for Service Providers (2014 Melbourne)
BRKSPV-1999 - IPTV and Over-the-Top Video: Managed and Unmanaged Video Delivery (2014 Melbourne)
BRKUCC-2006 - SIP Trunk Design and Deployment in Enterprise UC Networks (2014 Melbourne)
BRKUCC-2008 - Designing Dial Plans for Enterprise Unified Communications (2014 Melbourne)
BRKUCC-2057 - Deploying Cisco Unified Communications at Branch Offices and Small-Medium Businesses (2014 Melbourne)
BRKUCC-2058 - Utilising Network Intelligence for Collaboration and Real Time Media (2014 Melbourne)
BRKUCC-2059 - Designing and Deploying Cisco Contact Centre Express (2014 Melbourne)
BRKUCC-2225 - Planning and Designing Virtualised Unified Communication Solutions (2014 Melbourne)
BRKUCC-2480 - Deploying Cisco Jabber Desktop Clients (2014 Melbourne)
BRKUCC-2661 - Deploying Cisco Jabber Mobility Solutions (2014 Melbourne)
BRKUCC-2664 - Unified Communications and Directory Integrations (SSO) (2014 Melbourne)
BRKUCC-2665 - Communications Manager for Video Call Control (Unified Call Control) (2014 Melbourne)
BRKUCC-2666 - Federation and Remote Access for Unified Communications Leveraging Collaboration Edge (2014 Melbourne)
BRKUCC-2667 - Call Admission Control and Quality of Service for Collaboration (2014 Melbourne)
BRKUCC-2668 - Best Practises in Upgrading your Unified Communications Environment to Version 10 (2014 Melbourne)
BRKUCC-2670 - Accelerate and Assure Collaboration Deployments with Cisco Prime Collaboration (2014 Melbourne)
BRKUCC-2671 - Enabling Workspace Transformation with Cisco Collaboration (2014 Melbourne)
BRKUCC-2672 - Network Media Recording and Streaming with Cisco MediaSense (2014 Melbourne)
BRKUCC-3661 - Troubleshooting Jabber Desktop Clients (2014 Melbourne)
BRKVIR-2002 - Deploying Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) in the Enterprise Data Centre (2014 Melbourne)
BRKVIR-2012 - Inside the Nexus 1000v (2014 Melbourne)
BRKVIR-2019 - Hypervisors Networking: Best Practices for Interconnecting with Cisco Switches (2014 Melbourne)
BRKVIR-2023 - How to Interconnect with Hybrid Cloud Architectures and Approaches (2014 Melbourne)
BRKVIR-2640 - Deployment Best Practices for vSphere and HyperV on UCS (2014 Melbourne)
BRKVIR-3013 - Deploying and Troubleshooting the Nexus 1000v Virtual Switch (vSphere and HyperV) (2014 Melbourne)
ITMGEN-2625 - The Future of IT (2014 Melbourne)
ITMGEN-2626 - Architecture Led Investment Planning at Cisco (2014 Melbourne)
ITMGEN-2627 - Your Career - How to Stay Relevant in a Rapidly Changing World (2014 Melbourne)
ITMGEN-2629 - Preparing for Strategic Technology Transitions (2014 Melbourne)
ITMGEN-2630 - Tomorrow's Workplace: Connected, Collaborative, Creative (2014 Melbourne)
ITMGEN-2631 - Application Centric Networks - What IT Leaders Can Do Today to Make Way for The Future (2014 Melbourne)
ITMGEN-2632 - Intelligent Cyber Security for the Real World (2014 Melbourne)
ITMGEN-2633 - Cisco_s Journey to the Cloud (2014 Melbourne)
ITMGEN-2635 - Looking Beyond BYOD (2014 Melbourne)
ITMGEN-2637 - Change Management: Creating Passion (2014 Melbourne)
ITMGEN-2638 - Securing Cisco's Network - An Inside IT Perspective (2014 Melbourne)
ITMPCS-1060 - Citrix Customers Empowering people to work when, where and how they choose (2014 Melbourne)
ITMPCS-1062 - EMC: How Aurecon Reinvented IT (2014 Melbourne)
ITMPCS-1066 - Super Session - Telstra: Everything in the Cloud - but what Cloud? (2014 Melbourne)
ITMPCS-1067 - VCE: Fox Sports Delivers Internal Private Cloud for Online Storage of Live High Definition Content (2014 Melbourne)
ITMPCS-1073 - VMware Develops an IT as a Service Strategy for a Leading Australian Bank (2014 Melbourne)
ITMPCS-1074 - Hitachi Data Systems: Delivering IT Services of Tomorrow for Holmesglen TAFE (2014 Melbourne)
ITMPCS-1075 - Veeam: 5 Successful VM Data Protection Strategies on Cisco UCS (2014 Melbourne)
ITMPCS-1076 - Vocus Distributed Denial of Service Protection (2014 Melbourne)
Cisco Live 2014 Melbourne

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