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Cisco Live 2014 Milan
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ATE-CL412 - Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) (2014 Milan)
ATE-CL420 - Transform Your Data Center With EMC VSPEX and Cisco Technology (Milan 2014)
BRKAPP-2027 - Big Data Architecture and Deployment (2014 Milan)
BRKAPP-2030 - Application Visibility and Control in Enterprise WAN (2014 Milan)
BRKAPP-9000 - Introduction to Application Centric Infrastructure. (2014 Milan)
BRKAPP-9001 - Policy Driven Data Center Design (2014 Milan)
BRKAPP-9004 - Data Center Mobility_ VXLAN _ ACI Fabric Architecture (2014 Milan)
BRKAPP-9013 - High Speed Optics and Cabling for Data Center Fabrics (2014 Milan)
BRKAPP-9024 - Application Centric Infrastructure (2014 Milan)

BRKARC-1222 - Cisco MDS9000: expanding the family (2014 Milan)
BRKARC-2003 - Cisco ASR 9000 Architecture (2014 Milan)
BRKARC-2010 - Smart Licensing - Simplifying Cisco Software (2014 Milan)
BRKARC-2091 - Intelligent WAN (IWAN) - Enabling Business Class Internet (2014 Milan)
BRKARC-2222 - Cisco Nexus 9000 architecture (2014 Milan)
BRKARC-3438 - Cisco Catalyst 3850 and 3650 Series Switching Architecture (2014 Milan)
BRKARC-3452 - Cisco Nexus 6004 and 5500 with Fabric Extender 2000 Switch Architecture (2014 Milan)
BRKARC-3465 - Cisco Catalyst 6800 Switch Architecture (2014 Milan)
BRKARC-3470 - Advanced - Cisco Nexus 7000_7700 Switch Architecture (2014 Milan)
BRKCCIE-9162 - CCIE Routing _ Switching version 5 (2014 Milan)
BRKCCT-2220 - Contact Center Express 10.0 Exposed (2014 Milan)
BRKCCT-2221 - Migrating to the Finesse Agent Desktop - Why_ When and How (2014 Milan)
BRKCCT-2222 - Opening All Channels for Customer Contact (2014 Milan)
BRKCCT-3240 - Advanced - Simulating Traffic for Inbound and Outbound Contact Centre Scenarios (2014 Milan)
BRKCDN-1005 - Better Network Management Through Network Programmability (2014 Milan)
BRKCDN-1015 - onePK: Designing Real World Applications (2014 Milan)
BRKCDN-1016 - Develop UC Applications with the User Data Service (2014 Milan)
BRKCDN-1017 - Network Based Recording (2014 Milan)
BRKCDN-1019 - DevNet Technical Breakout: Introduction to ACI Programming and APIs. (2014 Milan)
BRKCDN-1020 - Jabber SDK for Web (2014 Milan)
BRKCDN-1021 - Jabber Guest SDK for iOS and Android (2014 Milan)
BRKCDN-1022 - Finesse (2014 Milan)
BRKCDN-1023 - Cisco Developer Sandbox Session (2014 Milan)
BRKCDN-1024 - APIC Enterprise Module (2014 Milan)
BRKCDN-1113 - Enhanced Management of Video with Media Monitoring (2014 Milan)
BRKCOL-2020 - Cisco Interoperability with Microsoft (2014 Milan)
BRKCOL-2023 - Architecting Unified Communications to enable Workspace Transformation (2014 Milan)
BRKCOL-2026 - Deploying Cisco WebEx in Enterprise Networks (2014 Milan)
BRKCOL-2052 - Cisco WebEx Meetings Server: Extending WebEx to the Private Cloud (2014 Milan)
BRKCOL-2111 - Capture Transform Share (2014 Milan)
BRKCOL-2112 - Cisco Remote Expert Smart Solution Design (2014 Milan)
BRKCOL-2113 - Business Edition 6000 - Best Practice Session (2014 Milan)
BRKCOL-2114 - What you need to know about Webex Enabled TelePresence (2014 Milan)
BRKCOL-2315 - Hosted Collaboration Solution - Demystifying the UC Cloud (2014 Milan)
BRKCOL-2369 - Integrating Audio Visual Systems with TelePresence Codecs (2014 Milan)
BRKCOL-2455 - Fixing SIP Problems with Cisco Unified Communications Manager_s SIP Normalization Tools (2014 Milan)
BRKCOL-2777 - Emerging Video Technologies: H.265_ SVC_ and WebRTC (2014 Milan)
BRKCOM-1007 - UCS System Architecture Overview (2014 Milan)
BRKCOM-2001 - UCS Management Deep Dive (2014 Milan)
BRKCOM-2003 - UCS Networking - Deep Dive (2014 Milan)
BRKCOM-2007 - UCS SAN Deployment Models and Best Practices (2014 Milan)
BRKCOM-2010 - Deploying Applications in Today_s Compute_ Storage and Network Infrastructure (2014 Milan)
BRKCOM-2014 - Multi-UCS Management with UCS Central (2014 Milan)
BRKCRS-2030 - Wired LAN Deployment Using the Cisco Validated Design for Campus (2014 Milan)
BRKCRS-2031 - Multilayer Campus Architectures and Design Principles (2014 Milan)
BRKCRS-2033 - Deploying a Virtualized Campus Network Infrastructure (2014 Milan)
BRKCRS-2035 - Simplifying Campus Network Virtualization with EVN (2014 Milan)
BRKCRS-2042 - Highly Available Wide Area Network Design (2014 Milan)
BRKCRS-2401 - Cisco EnergyWise Fundamentals: The Network as the Platform for Energy Management (2014 Milan)
BRKCRS-2444 - The Internet of Things: an Architectural Foundation and its Protocols (2014 Milan)
BRKCRS-2468 - Cisco Catalyst Virtual Switching System (VSS) (2014 Milan)
BRKCRS-2501 - Campus QoS Design-Simplified (2014 Milan)
BRKCRS-2889 - Converged Access System Architecture - Diving into the _One Network_ (2014 Milan)
BRKCRS-3035 - Advanced Enterprise Campus Design: Virtual Switching System (VSS) (2014 Milan)
BRKCRS-3090 - Implementing Network Programming and Automation (2014 Milan)
BRKCRS-3147 - Advanced troubleshooting of the ASR1K and ASR4400 made easy (2014 Milan)
BRKCRS-3502 - Cisco Catalyst 6500 Instant Access Deployment Scenarios (2014 Milan)
BRKDCT-1234 - Application Acceleration with Cisco Solid State INVICTA Solutions (2014 Milan)
BRKDCT-1300 - Migration from Classic Design to Insieme Fabric (2014 Milan)
BRKDCT-1301 - VxLAN Deployment - Use Cases and Best Practices (2014 Milan)
BRKDCT-1302 - Network Programmability and Automation using Nexus 9000 (2014 Milan)
BRKDCT-2049 - Overlay Transport Virtualization (2014 Milan)
BRKDCT-2081 - Cisco FabricPath Technology and Design (2014 Milan)
BRKDCT-2121 - Virtual Device Context (VDC) Design and Implementation Considerations with Nexus 7000 (2014 Milan)
BRKDCT-2131 - Mobility and Virtualization in the Data Center with LISP and OTV (2014 Milan)
BRKDCT-2202 - FabricPath Migration Use Case (2014 Milan)
BRKDCT-2214 - Ultra Low Latency Data Center Design - End-to-end design approach (2014 Milan)
BRKDCT-2218 - Data Center Design for the Small and Medium Business (2014 Milan)
BRKDCT-2237 - Advanced - Versatile architecture using Nexus 7000 with a mix of F and M modules to deliver FEX_ FabricPath_ MPLS_ LISP and Multihop FCoE all at the same time (2014 Milan)
BRKDCT-2255 - Cisco_s Cloud Ready Infastructure - VMDC (2014 Milan)
BRKDCT-2316 - Nexus 6000 Design and Deployment (2014 Milan)
BRKDCT-2328 - Evolution of Network Overlays in Data Center Clouds (2014 Milan)
BRKDCT-2333 - Data Center Network Failure Detection (2014 Milan)
BRKDCT-2334 - Real World Data Center Deployments and Best Practice Session (2014 Milan)
BRKDCT-2335 - Design consideration for Network Service Node stretch across multiple location (2014 Milan)
BRKDCT-2336 - Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud v4 (2014 Milan)
BRKDCT-2337 - Virtual Services for Scalable Multi-tenant Cloud Architectures (2014 Milan)
BRKDCT-2367 - OpenStack Deployment in the Enterprise (2014 Milan)
BRKDCT-2385 - Cisco Dynamic Fabric Automation Architecture (2014 Milan)
BRKDCT-2888 - Seamless Virtual CLouds with Openstack and OnePK (2014 Milan)
BRKDCT-3060 - Advanced - Deployment challenges with Interconnecting Data Centers (2014 Milan)
BRKDCT-3103 - Advanced OTV - Configure_ Verify and Troubleshoot OTV in Your Network (2014 Milan)
BRKDCT-3144 - Advanced - Troubleshooting Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches (2014 Milan)
BRKDCT-3145 - Advanced - Troubleshooting Cisco Nexus 5000 _ 2000 Series Switches (2014 Milan)
BRKDCT-3346 - Advanced - End-to-End QoS Implementation and Operation with Cisco Nexus (2014 Milan)
BRKDCT-3444 - Advanced - Configuration of features common to both UCS and Nexus 1000v (2014 Milan)
BRKDCT-3445 - Building scalable data center networks with NX-OS and Nexus 7000 (2014 Milan)
BRKEVT-2400 - Scheduling Best Practices in Telepresence and Collaboration (2014 Milan)
BRKEVT-2800 - Overview of Cisco TelePresence Solution and Deployments (2014 Milan)
BRKEVT-2802 - Deploying TelePresence and Video Endpoints on Unified Communications Manager (2014 Milan)
BRKEVT-2803 - Designing and deploying multipoint conferencing for telepresence video (2014 Milan)
BRKEVT-2804 - Monitoring and troubleshooting network impairments in video deployments (2014 Milan)
BRKEWN-2000 - Design and Deployment of Wireless LANs for Mobile Applications (2014 Milan)
BRKEWN-2007 - High Density WiFi networks for Stadiums and Large Public Venues (2014 Milan)
BRKEWN-2010 - Design and Deployment of Enterprise WLANs (2014 Milan)
BRKEWN-2012 - Connected Mobile Experience (CMX) (2014 Milan)
BRKEWN-2014 - Cisco Meraki Cloud-Managed Wireless Solution (2014 Milan)
BRKEWN-2017 - Understanding RF Fundamentals and the Radio Design of Wireless Networks (2014 Milan)
BRKEWN-2018 - Secure Wireless LAN Design and Deployment (2014 Milan)
BRKEWN-2020 - Wireless LAN Security_ Policy and BYOD Best Practices (2014 Milan)
BRKEWN-2021 - Using Cisco Prime Infrastructure to manage Wireless LAN Deployments (2014 Milan)
BRKEWN-2022 - Converged Access Mobility Design _ Architecture (2014 Milan)
BRKEWN-2026 - Architecturing Network for Branch Offices with Cisco FlexConnect (2014 Milan)
BRKEWN-2027 - Design and Deployment of Outdoor Wireless Networks (2014 Milan)
BRKEWN-2067 - 802.11_Wi-Fi Standards Update (2014 Milan)
BRKEWN-2666 - IPv6 on WiFi: You talk too much_ NOT anymore. (2014 Milan)
BRKEWN-3003 - QoS Design and deployment for Wireless LANs (2014 Milan)
BRKEWN-3010 - Advanced RF properties at your disposal to improve Enterprise WLAN deployments and spectrum quality (2014 Milan)
BRKEWN-3013 - Advanced - Troubleshooting Wireless LANs with Centralised Controllers (2014 Milan)
BRKEWN-3014 - Best practices to deploy high-availability in Wireless LAN Architectures (2014 Milan)
BRKEWN-3021 - Advanced - Troubleshooting Converged Access Wireless Deployments (2014 Milan)
BRKGEN-1233 - Introduction to SDN (2014 Milan)
BRKGEN-2999 - Autonomic Networking (2014 Milan)
BRKGS-2520 - Bringing Intelligence to the Data Center (2014 Milan)
BRKGS-2526 - Driving UC Adoption across all platforms_ mobile_ desktop and meeting room. (2014 Milan)
BRKGS-2529 - 5 Successful VM Data Protection Strategies on UCS (2014 Milan)
BRKIND-1229 - Connecting Manufacturers for Productivity_ Growth and Time to Value with the Internet of Everything (2014 Milan)
BRKIND-1230 - IoE in Action: Solutions and Case Studies in the Oil and Gas Industry (2014 Milan)
BRKIND-2111 - Enabling Omnichannel Interaction to Capture Greater Wallet-Share in the Retail Banking and Retail Industries (2014 Milan)
BRKIND-2333 - Capturing Trading Alpha with Performance and Intelligence in Financial Markets (2014 Milan)
BRKIND-2444 - 21st Century Local Government: A More Connected Government for Better Citizen Experience (2014 Milan)
BRKIPM-2000 - Routing Resiliency - Latest Enhancements (2014 Milan)
BRKIPM-2008 - Advanced Topics in IP Multicast Deployment (2014 Milan)
BRKIPM-2011 - Advanced - mVPN Deployment Models (2014 Milan)
BRKIPM-2262 - Multicast Security (2014 Milan)
BRKIPM-2264 - Multicast Troubleshooting (2014 Milan)
BRKIPM-3061 - Advanced Live-Live: A Network Solution Without Packet Loss. (2014 Milan)
BRKIPM-3111 - Advanced - Multipoint LDP (2014 Milan)
BRKMPL-2100 - Deploying MPLS Traffic Engineering (2014 Milan)
BRKMPL-2333 - E-VPN _ PBB-EVPN: the Next Generation of MPLS-based L2VPN (2014 Milan)
BRKMPL-3010 - Advanced - Generalized MPLS - Introduction and Deployment (2014 Milan)
BRKMPL-3101 - Advanced Topics and Future Directions in MPLS (2014 Milan)
BRKNMS-1039 - Cisco Smart Call Home and Smart Net Total Care: Proactive Automated Support for the Internet of Things (2014 Milan)
BRKNMS-1150 - Cisco Analytics: Accelerate network optimization with visualization (2014 Milan)
BRKNMS-2005 - Data Center _ Service Management Overview (2014 Milan)
BRKNMS-2030 - Onboard Automation with Cisco IOS Embedded Event Manager (2014 Milan)
BRKNMS-2108 - Implementing advanced DHCP Services (2014 Milan)
BRKNMS-2202 - Ethernet OAM: Technical Overview and Deployment Scenarios (2014 Milan)
BRKNMS-2333 - Accelerate and Assure Collaboration deployments with Prime Collaboration (2014 Milan)
BRKNMS-2443 - One Management for Unified Access (2014 Milan)
BRKNMS-2444 - Service Assurance in the Next-Generation Data Center (2014 Milan)
BRKNMS-2465 - 13 Smart Automations to Monitor Your Cisco IOS Network (2014 Milan)
BRKNMS-2466 - 13 Smart Automations to Troubleshoot Your Cisco IOS Network (2014 Milan)
BRKNMS-2516 - Service Orchestration _ Workflow Automation with Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud (IAC) (2014 Milan)
BRKNMS-2658 - Securely Managing Your Networks with SNMPv3 (2014 Milan)
BRKNMS-2692 - DNS Architecture for Cloud Computing Environment (2014 Milan)
BRKNMS-2693 - Cisco Prime for Evolved Programmable Networks (2014 Milan)
BRKNMS-2695 - Administration and monitoring of the Cisco DataCenter with Cisco Prime DCNM (2014 Milan)
BRKNMS-2844 - A way to build efficient Service Assurance process for Service Provider (2014 Milan)
BRKNMS-2845 - AVC and Prime Infrastructure create Network Intelligence for Business Initiatives. (2014 Milan)
BRKNMS-3102 - Advanced Prime Infrastructure 2.x Features (2014 Milan)
BRKNMS-3132 - Advanced NetFlow (2014 Milan)
BRKNMS-3135 - Advanced Application Visibility and Performance in Cisco devices with Network Based Application Recognition (NBAR) (2014 Milan)
BRKNMS-3181 - Energy Usage Optimisation with Cisco EnergyWise Manager (2014 Milan)
BRKOPT-2101 - WSON and Impact on an IP_Optical ML Control Plane (2014 Milan)
BRKRST-2008 - Advanced VPLS attachment technology options (2014 Milan)
BRKRST-2020 - IOS Service Discovery Gateway: Simplify Mobile Device Deployments in Enterprise Networks (2014 Milan)
BRKRST-2021 - Comprehensive analysis on Service Provider offerings for Enterprise WAN (2014 Milan)
BRKRST-2022 - Introduction to IPv6 Routing (2014 Milan)
BRKRST-2040 - WAN and Remote-Site Deployment using Cisco Validated Designs (2014 Milan)
BRKRST-2041 - WAN Architectures and Design Principles (2014 Milan)
BRKRST-2044 - Enterprise Multi-Homed Internet Edge Architectures (2014 Milan)
BRKRST-2051 - Software Defined Networks and OpenFlow (2014 Milan)
BRKRST-2117 - The Hitchhiker_s Guide to onePK (2014 Milan)
BRKRST-2301 - Enterprise IPv6 Deployment (2014 Milan)
BRKRST-2304 - Hitchhiker_s Guide to Troubleshooting IPv6 (2014 Milan)
BRKRST-2312 - IPv6 Planning_ Deployment and Operation Considerations (2014 Milan)
BRKRST-2336 - Advanced - EIGRP Deployment in Modern Networks (2014 Milan)
BRKRST-2337 - OSPF Deployment in Modern Networks (2014 Milan)
BRKRST-2362 - Deploying Performance Routing (2014 Milan)
BRKRST-2370 - IP Mobility Technologies (2014 Milan)
BRKRST-2509 - Mastering Data Center QoS (2014 Milan)
BRKRST-2555 - Connected Industry Architectures and Technologies (2014 Milan)
BRKRST-2667 - How to write an IPv6 Addressing Plan (2014 Milan)
BRKRST-3020 - Advanced - IP LFA (Loop-Free-Alternative): Architecture and Troubleshooting (2014 Milan)
BRKRST-3045 - Advanced - LISP - A Next Generation Networking Architecture (2014 Milan)
BRKRST-3046 - Advanced LISP - What_s In It For Me_ (2014 Milan)
BRKRST-3321 - Advanced - Scaling BGP (2014 Milan)
BRKRST-3371 - Advances in BGP (2014 Milan)
BRKSAN-2282 - Operational Models for FCoE Deployments - Best Practices and Examples (2014 Milan)
BRKSAN-2883 - Advanced Storage Area Network Design (2014 Milan)
BRKSEC-2003 - IPv6 Security Threats and Mitigations (2014 Milan)
BRKSEC-2019 - Demystifying Cloud Security (2014 Milan)
BRKSEC-2023 - Firewall Architectures in the Datacenter and Internet Edge (2014 Milan)
BRKSEC-2034 - Cyber Security : Defending against Emerging Threats (2014 Milan)
BRKSEC-2037 - Security Management for Firewall and IPS (2014 Milan)
BRKSEC-2044 - Building an Enterprise Access Control Architecture with ISE (2014 Milan)
BRKSEC-2045 - Mobile Devices and BYOD Security - Deployment and Best Practices (2014 Milan)
BRKSEC-2053 - Practical PKI for Remote Access VPN (2014 Milan)
BRKSEC-2074 - NetFlow Security Monitoring with StealthWatch (2014 Milan)
BRKSEC-2203 - Deploying TrustSec Security Group Tagging (2014 Milan)
BRKSEC-2206 - Security and Virtualization in the Data Center (2014 Milan)
BRKSEC-2692 - Identity Based Networking: IEEE 802.1X and Beyond (2014 Milan)
BRKSEC-2695 - Embrace Cloud Web Security with your Cisco Network (2014 Milan)
BRKSEC-2697 - Remote Access using Clientless VPN (2014 Milan)
BRKSEC-2699 - Deploying ASA Next Generation Firewall (2014 Milan)
BRKSEC-2760 - Security at the Speed of the Network: automating and accelerating security through SDN (2014 Milan)
BRKSEC-2761 - Cisco and Sourcefire: A Threat-Centric Security Approach (2014 Milan)
BRKSEC-2762 - The FirePOWER Platform and Next Generation Network Security (2014 Milan)
BRKSEC-2881 - VPN Remote Access with IOS _ Introduction to FlexVPN (2014 Milan)
BRKSEC-3003 - Advanced IPv6 Security in the LAN (2014 Milan)
BRKSEC-3007 - Advanced Cisco IOS Security Features (2014 Milan)
BRKSEC-3021 - Advanced - Maximizing Firewall Performance (2014 Milan)
BRKSEC-3030 - Advanced - Tuning Cisco IPS (2014 Milan)
BRKSEC-3031 - Advanced - To Catch A Thief: Intrusion Prevention_ Signature Development_ and the Modern Mouse Trap (2014 Milan)
BRKSEC-3032 - Advanced - ASA Clustering Deep Dive (2014 Milan)
BRKSEC-3033 - Advanced AnyConnect Deployment and Troubleshooting with ASA (2014 Milan)
BRKSEC-3035 - Successful designing and deploying Cisco_s ISE 1.2_MDM integration (2014 Milan)
BRKSEC-3036 - Advanced IPsec designs with FlexVPN (DMVPN phase 4) (2014 Milan)
BRKSEC-3698 - Advanced ISE and Secure Access Deployment (2014 Milan)
BRKSEC-3724 - Advanced IPv6 Security in the Core (2014 Milan)
BRKSEC-3770 - Advanced - Don_t be a phish: deep dive into e-mail authentication techniques (2014 Milan)
BRKSEC-3771 - Advanced Web Security Deployment with WSA in IPv4 _ IPv6 Networks (2014 Milan)
BRKSEC-3883 - Advanced - The Malware Menace - From 30_000 Feet to the Microscope (2014 Milan)
BRKSPG-1303 - Residential Broadband Subscriber Aggregation and BNG Deployment Models (2014 Milan)
BRKSPG-2015 - Hosted Collaboration Solution- Cisco Cloud Collaboration Solution for Partners (2014 Milan)
BRKSPG-2016 - Architectures for new services over Cable (2014 Milan)
BRKSPG-2024 - Improving IP_MPLS based Carrier Services to address the Data Center Interconnection Market (2014 Milan)
BRKSPG-2116 - Enabling IP_Optical Converged Networks with NCS (2014 Milan)
BRKSPG-2202 - Deploying Carrier Ethernet Services on ASR 9000 (2014 Milan)
BRKSPG-2207 - Redundancy Mechanisms for Carrier Ethernet and Layer 2 VPN Services (2014 Milan)
BRKSPG-2209 - Designing Access Network With the ME3600X and ME3800X (2014 Milan)
BRKSPG-2229 - Cisco Service Provider Core Evolution (2014 Milan)
BRKSPG-2402 - Best Practices to Deploy High-Availability in Service Provider Edge and Aggregation Architectures (2014 Milan)
BRKSPG-2444 - Advanced - SDN evolution in the SP environment (2014 Milan)
BRKSPG-2445 - Network Function Virtualization and how it will impact your network (2014 Milan)
BRKSPG-2446 - Route Security for Inter Domain Routing (2014 Milan)
BRKSPG-2447 - Autonomic Networking: Simplifying Service Provider Access Deployments (2014 Milan)
BRKSPG-2602 - IPv4 Exhaustion: NAT and Transition to IPv6 for Service Providers (2014 Milan)
BRKSPG-2603 - How to Securely Operate an IPv6 Network (2014 Milan)
BRKSPG-2606 - MAP - Let_s Solve IPv4 Address Exhaustion without Stateful CGN (2014 Milan)
BRKSPG-2610 - Automating Self-Service IaaS for VMDC by leveraging Cloud Orchestration Solutions (2014 Milan)
BRKSPG-2684 - ASR9000: The Universal Cloud Gateway (2014 Milan)
BRKSPG-2800 - Service Providers and the Internet Of Things (IoT) Opportunity (2014 Milan)
BRKSPG-2803 - Service Provider Wi-Fi (2014 Milan)
BRKSPG-2904 - ASR-9000_IOS-XR hardware Architecture_ QOS_ EVC_ IOS-XR Configuration and Troubleshooting (2014 Milan)
BRKSPG-3333 - Advanced - IOS-XR Troubleshooting Concepts (2014 Milan)
BRKSPG-3334 - Advanced - Carrier Grade NAT44 on IOS-XR Deployment Experience (2014 Milan)
BRKSPG-3335 - Advanced - DDoS Mitigation Deployment: Impact on your Architecture (2014 Milan)
BRKSPG-3864 - Advanced - Cloud and NFV Services delivery with Cisco Virtual Packet Edge (2014 Milan)
BRKSPM-2005 - Cisco Self-Optimizing Network (SON) Architecture (2014 Milan)
BRKSPM-2009 - Small Cell Technologies (2014 Milan)
BRKSPM-2801 - Mobile Backhaul Evolution with Unified MPLS (2014 Milan)
BRKSPM-2888 - ASR5000_5500 platform and support for LTE_EPC network (2014 Milan)
BRKSPM-2889 - EPC_LTE and new applications (2014 Milan)
BRKSPS-2601 - EMC Software-Defined Storage (2014 Milan)
BRKSPS-2602 - EMC and Cisco: Transform Your Data Center With EMC VSPEX and Cisco Technology (2014 Milan)
BRKSPV-1257 - IP Video Evolution (2014 Milan)
BRKSPV-1261 - Designing an Online Video Service (2014 Milan)
BRKSPV-1919 - Video Transport Architectures (2014 Milan)
BRKSPV-1999 - IPTV and Over-the-Top Video: Managed and Unmanaged Video Delivery (2014 Milan)
BRKSPV-2160 - CDN Architecture and Sizing (2014 Milan)
BRKSPV-2931 - Service federation across Service Providers_ Global CDNs and Media Companies (2014 Milan)
BRKSPV-3112 - Industry developments for video production and delivery (2014 Milan)
BRKUCC-2006 - SIP Trunk design and deployment in Enterprise UC networks (2014 Milan)
BRKUCC-2008 - Enterprise Dial Plan Fundamentals (2014 Milan)
BRKUCC-2012 - Best Practices for Migrating Previous Versions of Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) to CUCM 10.X (2014 Milan)
BRKUCC-2226 - Planning and Designing Virtual Unified Communication Solution (2014 Milan)
BRKUCC-2340 - Best practices to enable rich-media Collaboration between businesses (2014 Milan)
BRKUCC-2343 - Call Admission Control and Quality of Service for Collaboration (2014 Milan)
BRKUCC-2344 - Deploying Cisco Jabber on Mobile Devices (2014 Milan)
BRKUCC-2345 - Cisco Jabber: Deploying Cisco Jabber On Premise (2014 Milan)
BRKUCC-2355 - Cisco Jabber: Deploying Cisco Jabber with WebEx Messenger (2014 Milan)
BRKUCC-2444 - Introduction to Common Identity for Collaboration (2014 Milan)
BRKUCC-2501 - Cisco UC Manager Security (2014 Milan)
BRKUCC-2669 - SIP IPv6 and Dual Stack Native Endpoint support for Unified Communication Manager (2014 Milan)
BRKUCC-2725 - Cisco Unity Connection Unified Messaging with On-Premise and Cloud Applications (2014 Milan)
BRKUCC-2800 - Extend the Reach of Your Cisco Video Solution with Cisco Jabber Guest (2014 Milan)
BRKUCC-2801 - Cisco Expressway at the Collaboration Edge design session (2014 Milan)
BRKUCC-2932 - Troubleshooting SIP with Cisco Unified Communications (2014 Milan)
BRKUCC-2934 - Implementation and Management of Cisco_s Enterprise Session Border Controller - Cisco Unified Border Element (2014 Milan)
BRKUCC-2936 - Deploying and Operating a Virtualized UC solution on UCS platform (2014 Milan)
BRKUCC-2943 - Enabling Cisco Jabber for Virtual Environments (2014 Milan)
BRKUCC-3000 - Advanced Dial Plan Design for Unified Communications Networks (2014 Milan)
BRKUCC-3420 - Advance concepts to Common Identity for Collaboration (2014 Milan)
BRKVIR-2002 - Deploying Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Cisco Virtual Workspace (VXI) (2014 Milan)
BRKVIR-2011 - Deploying Services in a Virtualized Environment (2014 Milan)
BRKVIR-2014 - Architecting Scalable Clouds using VXLAN and Nexus 1000V (2014 Milan)
BRKVIR-2017 - The Nexus 1000V on Microsoft Hyper-V: Expanding the Virtual Edge (2014 Milan)
BRKVIR-2019 - Hypervisors networking: best practices for interconnecting with Cisco Switches (2014 Milan)
BRKVIR-2023 - Cisco Nexus 1000V InterCloud based Hybrid Cloud Architectures and Approaches (2014 Milan)
BRKVIR-2044 - Multi-Hypervisor Networking Compare and Contrast (2014 Milan)
BRKVIR-2931 - End-to-End Application-Centric Data Center (2014 Milan)
BRKVIR-3033 - Advanced - Cisco Intercloud Best Practices (2014 Milan)
CCSDCT-2005 - FASTWEB Cloud Computing proposition for Enterprises (2014 Milan)
CCSEWN-2002 - How Wireless Network Makes Airport Operations More Connected and Compliant (2014 Milan)
CCSEWN-2090 - IAEA: HD WLAN deployment at Vienna International Center (2014 Milan)
CCSRST-2012 - JOLNet: The Joint Open Lab Experimental SDN Network Testbed (2014 Milan)
CCSSPG-2007 - Customer Case Study: Building a differentiated Cloud service with Cisco Prime Service Catalog (2014 Milan)
CCSUCC-1001 - Chocolate maker sees sweet spot in improved Collaboration (2014 Milan)
CCSUCC-2003 - Fujitsu: a totally mobile workspace with Jabber (2014 Milan)
COCCOL-3465 - Inside Cisco IT: New Collaboration Tools Today and Tomorrow (2014 Milan)
COCCOL-3470 - Inside Cisco IT: Cisco eStore Modernises shopping and automation for IT services and mobile apps (2014 Milan)
COCDCT-3461 - Inside Cisco IT: Cisco IT_s Application Centric Design for Cloud Services (2014 Milan)
COCEVT-3466 - Inside Cisco IT: Making Video the new Voice - a Cisco IT Cookbook (2014 Milan)
COCEWN-3427 - Inside Cisco IT: Mobility Strategy - Devices_ Networks_ BYOD Policies_ Security__Cloud Services_ and Apps (2014 Milan)
COCEWN-3467 - Inside Cisco IT: Evolving to a Cloud Ready Wide Area Network (2014 Milan)
COCNMS-1340 - Inside Cisco IT: Cisco IT Future Network Management and Automation Strategy (2014 Milan)
COCRST-3464 - Inside Cisco IT: Making The Leap To IPv6 (2014 Milan)
COCRST-3474 - Inside Cisco IT: Solving real network challenges using SDN (2014 Milan)
COCSEC-1300 - Inside Cisco IT: Engineering Solutions for Monitoring and Investigations - Arming Security Investigators (2014 Milan)
CPC-1000 - The Cisco Powered Cloud Day Program (2014 Milan)
PNLNMS-3000 - Cisco Live Network and NOC: Panel Discussion moderated by Jimmy Ray Purser (2014 Milan)
PNLRST-2020 - Executive Panel : LISP Customers Discuss Modern Network Solutions (2014 Milan)
PNLRST-4006 - Get More from Your Network with an Intelligent WAN (2014 Milan)
PSOCRS-2002 - Next Generation Campus Switching: Are You Ready (2014 Milan)
PSOCRT-2003 - Job Roles Evolution: From Virtualization to Cloud to SDN (2014 Milan)
PSODCT-1001 - Data Center Computing Strategies (2014 Milan)
PSODCT-1003 - Scalable_ Open_ Programmable Virtual Networks for the Data Center (2014 Milan)
PSODCT-1005 - Managing Data Center Assurance with Prime (2014 Milan)
PSODCT-1007 - Cisco Nexus Data Center Access portfolio update (2014 Milan)
PSORST-2333 - Next Generation Enterprise Routing Portfolio _ Are you ready for the Challenge_ (2014 Milan)
PSOSEC-2001 - BYOD: Management and Control for the Use and Provisioning of Mobile Devices (2014 Milan)
PSOSEC-2999 - Securing the Data Center (2014 Milan)
PSOSPG-1305 - Service Provider Cloud Managed Services (2014 Milan)
PSOSPG-2000 - Next Generation Traffic Management Solutions (2014 Milan)

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